34th Street Five Guys To Open in Two Weeks?

Thanks to Lunch’er “David” who forwarded along this photo of the Five Guys opening on 34th btw. 8+9th.  Originally it was supposed to open in June or July (clearly that didn’t happen), but now we’re hearing October 2nd.  Seems like a lot to do in 2 weeks, but those who work in the area can hope- right?  And for those of you who think Five Guys is overrated garbage?  You have a friend in Josh Ozersky (who apparently, also doesn’t like In N Out Burger.)


  • Whatever happened to Bill’s Bar & Burger @ Rock Center? Thought it was opening “Late Summer”? On my calendar, that means by Wednesday this week?

  • Cool. I like 5Gs burger but do we really need so many of them?

    Hopefully I won’t say the same about the SShack. Likely not. ;P

  • Overrated garbage? I’d use those same words to describe Ozersky’s opinions. I guess In n’Out refused to send double doubles to his wedding.

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    well wasnt 5 guys highest rated in a recent fast food burger ratings thing? i would use that as an arguement but they also rated white castle higher than BK and McD and on par with wendys which i cannot agree with unless it is 4AM

  • Oputsky. ’nuff said. He should lose the cheezy goatee and a couple of chins, and try to pick up some integrity.

  • the shack is still better. the line is just more manageable at 5 guys…

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