Five Guys To Open 3 More Locations Midtown & Downtown By August


The signs have gone up for the new Five Guys (on 48th btw. 5+6th) that we told you about back in December. It will be their biggest location in NYC to date, and will hopefully open in June. (Just in time for a gigantic Five Guys vs. Bill’s Bar & Burger face off!) There are also plans for two more Five Guys Midtown Lunch locations this year. One on 34th and 8th (next to the movie theater) which will open in June/July and one for our Downtown lunchers on Fulton Street (nr. Dutch St.) with a July/August opening date.

I Still Think Five Guys is Awesome, But I’ll Try Not to Compare it to In N Out Burger


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    Can’t wait for 48th (5th & 6th) to open. If only they cooked the burgers medium. Goodburger will definitely have some competition.

  • WOW! That’s cool!

    Now, my friends in New Yawk City will be able to eat REALLY DECENT burgers like we Southena’s in Maryland enjoy.

    But — what will happen to LaFrito ‘Black Label mystery meat burgers’, to the myriad of $25.00+ burgers, to standing in endless lines at Shake Shack for a mediocre burger, for going to Peter Luger’s and being rudely insulted and verbally violated while ordering a ‘buwga’?

    I mean, is New Yawk City REALLY ready for a good burger, at a reasonable price, being served with courtesy?

    Probably NOT.

    Carrion, please

  • p.s. the “verbal abuse” at peter luger’s is a myth. Maybe they don’t peg me for a tourist so they don’t put on the gimmick, but i’ve never seen that shtick in any of the times I’ve been there.

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    I ate at Five Guys last night and must have missed the “servers with pleasant attitudes”. While the food was good, my order taker was a stick in the mud, no personality at all, which I find is typical customer service in NY. Can’t wait until Tri Tip Grill opens in 30 Rock. I’m from Northern California and these guys do burgers “right”.

  • A 5 guys is opening beside me on 34th/8th? There goes my diet…

  • Well. I guess that’s good.

    It will help to dilute the lines at the other midtown locations of 5 Guys. Plus, it could possibly help entice people from going to Shake Shack and Burger Joint, thus shortening those lines too….which makes me happier knowing waiting for lunch will take less time.

    Most of the time I don’t make longer treks to some burger place is not the walk, but the wait on line. Waiting stinks…it’s like being in traffic.

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