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Ranchito del Agave Does a Decent Lunch Special

Brush with the law aside, it’s been a while since we checked in on the 9th Ave Mexican stalwart Ranchito del Agave. Last mentioned food-wise for a lunch buffet, they’ve got a menu full of stuff. $7.95 lunch specials alongside some proper-looking burritos? Worth a shot, doubly so if they’ve got mole poblano and pipian on the menu. If nothing else, something’s gotta offset the Chipotle-centric burrito domination of Midtown Southwest.
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El Ranchito del Agave has Re-Opened

Its legal woes apparently mostly taken care of, it looks like Ranchito del Agave (on 9th btw. 36+37th) has opened back up. Passing by one fine afternoon, the shutters were gone but the place was darn near empty. Maybe they’ve trained their servers a little better to check IDs, but this change in pace might just merit a proper ML visit in the future. Do we have anyone in the ML crew that looks like they could pass for under 21? I’d love to see if they’ve figured things out in terms of food as well as service!

5 New York Comic Con Lunch Recommendations

New York Comic Con began yesterday, which means tens of thousands of big-time comic fans are descending upon the Javits Center to walk the convention floor and check out panels. Although we have little experience eating in Midtown in costume, we do want your lunching experience to match the fun you have at the convention.

Now, admittedly, the Javits Center is out of bounds, and the immediate area around there can be a wasteland for food … which is where we come in: Super Midtown Lunch! (Who’s imagining Zach in a cape right now? Sorry.)

Here are five spots that are a few blocks walking distance from NYCC.

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El Ranchito del Agave Proves My Buffet Standards Are Higher Than I Thought

El Ranchito del Agave

Knowing how much I love the all-you-can-eat buffet, Serious Eats grand poobah Ed Levine IM’d pretty soon after he and the SENY crew discovered El Ranchito del Agave- the brand new Mexican restaurant on 9th Ave. btw. 36+37th that features a lunch buffet.  He knew I’d be excited (I’m very serious about my all you can eat buffets), but cautioned that he might have finally found an all you can eat buffet that even I couldn’t get behind 100%.  Ed found the taquitos to be dry, and the mole too sweet- but the rest of the crew seemed to like it enough in their review… and it’s only $8!  How could it be bad!? (After all you are talking to a guy who has willingly eaten at an all you can eat Chinese buffet in the back woods of Tennessee.)

What I’m trying to say is my standards for all you can eat buffets are far lower than Ed’s, so I rushed out 9th to check this one out.

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