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It’s $2 Tuesday at the Midtown East Schnipper’s: Today is the one year anniversary of the Schnipper's on Lexington btw 50+51st, so to celebrate they're selling a bunch of their menu for just $2.  On the list?  The cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, chicken club, crispy sandwich, the chick filet, mac & joe, french fries, market salad and the caesar.  Limit 2 items per customer while supplies last, and the burgers have to be cooked medium or well done.  Enjoy!

Today is $2 Tuesday at Schnipper’s on Lex: If you've been holding off on trying out the newest Schnipper's Quality Kitchen location on Lex btw. 50+51st today is the day. A bunch of their menu is just $2, including the old fashioned burger, the cheeseburger, their chicken club, crispy sandwich, and chick filet, plus mac & joe, two salads, fries and sweet potato fries.  Each for $2, all day long Want a PBR to wash it all down?  That's $2 after 4pm.

New Schnipper’s Opens Today in Midtown East: If you are a fan of burgers and work in Midtown East and you're stuck at work today here's a little bit of good news...the new location of Schnipper's, on Lexington btw. 50+51st that we told you about back in March, opens today. The menu is mostly the same, although there is a new burger only available at this location: the Schnippers Old Fashioned, an American cheeseburger with griddled onion and a classic pink sauce (which won last year's Burger Bash at the New York Wine & Food Festival.)

Lunch Links (The “Here’s Where the New Schnipper’s is Going” Edition)

The site of the new Schnippers at 570 Lexington (btw. 50+51st)

Flatiron Fun: $1 burgers at Schnipper’s: If you're one of our Flatiron Lunch readers, you might want to hit up Schnipper's today. To celebrate the 1st anniversary of their 23rd St. location, Schnipper's Quality Kitchen is serving $1 hamburgers and cheeseburgers all day long, and hipsterbrews PBRs for $1 after five. Near-freeloaders, adjust your black-frame glasses and engage! Sadly the deal is only at the 23rd street location...

Support Marriage Equality By Eating At Schnipper’s This Month

If you’re a fan of Chick Fil A, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the PR shit-storm their President thurst them into last week with some less than nice comments about gay people.  Our lack of a real Chick Fil in Manhattan has been well documented, and Christine Quinn is trying to get the NYU food court location kicked out of the city.  But if boycotting a location you technically have to sneak into anyway isn’t really your thing, there is something else you can do to support the cause cause.

Starting today and through the month of August, both Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen locations will donate $1.00 from every purchase of a Schnipper’s chicken filet sandwich to Marriage Equality USA, a non-profit whose mission is to secure legally recognized civil marriage equality for all. Check it out after the jump…
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Burger Fatigue? Try Schnipper’s Chicken Sandwich

Let me start by saying I love a good burger. But deciding where to go for said burger has become so overwhelming with the abundance of really good options in Midtown, that it’s almost easier to opt for something else. I hadn’t been to Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen (where they do a really nice burger) since their opening, but the other day, I stopped to read their menu and realized they’ve been offering a wider menu than I remembered from three years ago.

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Flatiron Lunch: The New Schnipper’s Makes a Mayo-licious Tuna Melt

Every Friday we go south of the ML boundaries in search of a delicious lunch. Sometimes it’s Murray Hill south or the Flatiron District, sometimes Gramercy and everything in between- but we just like to call it Flatiron Lunch.


New York got its first taste of Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen when the Midtown branch (8th Ave + 41st) opened up a while back, and it seemingly became known for its burgers. Late last year, the second location opened on 23rd at Madison, almost directly across from Shake Shack. I think we all know whose burgers are better, so when I stopped by the Flatiron Schnipper’s this week, I wanted to try something else, maybe something for the token vegetarian in your group who always complains when you hit up the Shack that there’s nothing for them, but fries and deep-fried mushroom sandwiches!

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Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen Snips Breakfast

Schnippers Breakfast 86

I happened to walk by Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen last night, and noticed that they posted a sign stating that they’ve shut down their breakfast service. This is a darn shame, for as much as we’ve enjoyed their burgers; we’ve never had a chance to try their breakfast offerings. I guess we’ll have to stick with Tri Tip Grill or ‘wichcraft for gourmet breakfasts.

Shack Fatigue? Schnipper’s Serves Up a Delicious Burger

In the two years that it has been open, Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen has always seemed to covet a spot amongst New York’s burger elite. Initial reactions to their signature offering were good, but not great. While Schnipper’s was quietly stepping their ground meat game up, by cooking patties to order and switching to LaFrieda beef, Shake Shack opened a few blocks away and the stakes got higher. Schnipper’s burgers have seemingly been climbing up the ranks of public opinion for a while now, so I decided to celebrate their 2 Year Anniversary with my first visit, and one of their new and improved cheeseburgers.

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