Flatiron Fun: $1 burgers at Schnipper’s

If you’re one of our Flatiron Lunch readers, you might want to hit up Schnipper’s today. To celebrate the 1st anniversary of their 23rd St. location, Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen is serving $1 hamburgers and cheeseburgers all day long, and hipsterbrews PBRs for $1 after five. Near-freeloaders, adjust your black-frame glasses and engage! Sadly the deal is only at the 23rd street location…


  • These are solid $1 burgers! No line at 11am today; have no idea what the scene is now…

  • dammit, had dinner there too. (Could not pass up the PBRs!) Line was only about 10-12 minutes to order, and another 5-6 minutes to get food at 7pm.

  • I also went there twice today but was disappointed that only 1 of my 4 burgers was “medium” and juicy. The other 3 were overcooked. Probably due to the fact that they had to pump out so many burgers today without having the time to “fine tune” the cooking of the patties to get them “medium”.

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