Today is $2 Tuesday at Schnipper’s on Lex

If you’ve been holding off on trying out the newest Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen location on Lex btw. 50+51st today is the day. A bunch of their menu is just $2, including the old fashioned burger, the cheeseburger, their chicken club, crispy sandwich, and chick filet, plus mac & joe, two salads, fries and sweet potato fries. ¬†Each for $2, all day long Want a PBR to wash it all down? ¬†That’s $2 after 4pm.


  • Hmmm… it’s Wednesday and there’s only been two postings this week? And one is by Zach? Mass layoffs and firings at ML Central?

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    I totally agree, is it possible these things can be posted at least a day in advance? Is it that difficult to find out this information?

    It is very annoying to look at the post, get excited and then realize it was referring to yesterday.

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    I second Greyrabbit. I used to think ML posted about deals on the day of to make sure we check the site everyday.

  • Considering Schnippers tweeted the original offer last Friday, and the reminder yesterday it’s only rational that ML picked up on the reminder.

  • Goats is always for hire!

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