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Lunch Links (The “Have a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!” Edition)

Clarke’s Standard Thanksgiving Combo, available thru Nov 30th
  • Clarke’s Standard and Carnegie Deli both have Thanksgiving specials [Eater]
  • ‘wichcraft’s Bryant Park soup and grilled cheese kiosk is now open [Grub Street]
  • Sietsema’s Secrets: Katsu-hama’s Pork Cutlets [Eater]
  • Splurges: Your First look at Butter Midtown [Grub Street;Eater]
  • Sietseam’s first impressions of Ivan Ramen [Eater]
  • A look at Paris Baguette’s new Midtown location [SENY]
  • Larb Ubol is the best restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen [Fork in the Road]

Lunch Links (The “Curry Grand Slam” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Feisty Foodie

  • The Grand Slam at Go Go Curry makes a great Bday meal for 2 [Feisty Foodie]
  • Who knew that Don Antonio made good sandwiches? Uh… we did! [SENY]
  • Gotham West might be worth traveling to 11th Ave. for [Eater]
  • Land of Plenty’s Dan Dan noodles are great [Fork in the Road]
  • Where to eat near Rock Center [SENY]
  • Where to eat near Madison Sq. Garden [Food Republic]
  • Why are Hide-Chan’s cheesy gyoza dinner only!?! [SENY]
  • How did we miss this street meat video!?! [Food is the New Rock]

Lunch Links (The “Ubeen to Ubol Yet” Edition)

Larb Ubol. Photo courtesy of Fork in the Road
  • Larb Ubol makes a first rate larb… [Grub Street]
  • … it’s also one of the 10 best Thai places in the city [Fork in the Road]
  • Sarge’s hoping to open by the end of next year [Eater]
  • Remember Kolache Mama? John T Edge does. [NYT]
  • The Famous Halal Guys on 53rd & 6th have opened a brick and mortar in the EV [DNAinfo]
  • According to this press release article, 4Food has gotten better [Fork in the Road]
  • Num Pang is coming soon to 49th & 7th [Eater]
  • The soba at Soba Totto is really great [Eataku]
  • Gorilla Cheese’s $8 lunch special is a good deal [Eataku]

Lunch Links (The “Schnitzel Sandwich” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Eataku
  • The Schnitzel & Things truck makes and outstanding schnitzel sandwich [Eataku]
  • Num Pang is opening in Midtown West!?!?! [Grub Street]
  • These guys are big fans of Glaze Teriyaki’s new location [II]
  • The szechuan pork dumplings from Land of Plenty are one of the best dishes in NYC [FitR]
  • Olympic Pita’s spicy sausage laffa is one of the hottest sandwiches in NYC [SENY]
  • The Grill on Wheels kosher truck puts fries in their sandwiches! [Tasty Eating]
  • Bagel Boss is now open in Murray Hill [DNAinfo]

Lunch Links (The “Best Thai Dish in Midtown” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Robert Sietsema
  • Pam Real Thai makes one of Robert Sietsema’s favorite Thai dishes in NYC [Eater]
  • Another look at Ippudo Westside [Food in Mouth]
  • The iced Moroccan mint green tea is worth it at Blue Dog Cafe [Ramen+Friends]
  • Mr. Softee is suing imposter ice cream trucks [Grub Street]
  • The Minar on 31st delivers through Seamless [Fork in the Road]
  • Guy’s American Bar & Grill is still open and the food is still terrible [Eater]

Lunch Links (The “Hot Kebab” Edition)

 The chaplee kebab at Kashmir. Photo courtesy of Eataku

  • If the chaplee kebab is coming out fresh at Kashmir, you have to stop [Eataku]
  • The best thing about Ippudo Westside right now is that you can get in [II]
  • Larb Ubol’s lunch special is a great deal [Ramen & Friends]
  • Seersucker is popping up in Rock Center for two weeks [Grub Street]
  • Apparently the customer service at Cosi sucks [Grub Street]
  • A look at Tabata Ramen #2 [Fork in the Road]
  • What it’s like to volunteer at the Vendy Awards [SENY]
  • Tehuitzingo has raised their prices 50% [Eataku]

Lunch Links (The “Streetmeating in the Rain” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Food in Mouth

  • The perfect time to hit up Uncle Gussy’s is when it’s raining [Food in Mouth]
  • Yogo is fighting back against Mr. Softee… literally [NYDN]
  • A look at Cer Te’s August sandwich of the month [SENY]
  • The best sandwich on the DiSo’s Truck is vegetarian!? [SENY]
  • Shilla has a decent naengmyeun [Lunch Studio]
  • Lady M is now open near Bryant Park [Ramen and Friends]

Lunch Links (The “Concubine’s Chicken” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Tasty Eating
  • The Concubine’s Chicken Hand Pulled Noodle at Xi’an is gooood [Tasty Eating]
  • More about Xi’an Famous Foods’ secret recipe [Forbes via Grub St]
  • The 52nd St. Thai food cart makes an adequate pad see ew [Food in Mouth]
  • La Vie en Szechuan will make you feel like you’re in Chinatown [Lunch Studio]
  • Cho Dang Gol has spicy galbi jim!? [Fork in the Road]
  • Where to eat near Grand Central [SENY]
  • Joe Coffee is now roasting its own beans [Grub Street]
  • The upstairs at Ippudo Midtown will be called Men Oh [Eater]

Lunch Links (The “Zabb Elee in Midtown!?” Edition)

Ba mee from Larb Ubol in Hell’s Kitchen. Photo courtesy of EIT

  • Zabb Elee’s chef is now cooking in Hell’s Kitchen at Larb Ubol [EIT]
  • This kid says Clarke’s Standard is the only burger in Midtown worth eating [AHT]
  • The wait at Ippudo on Tuesday at Noon was 20 minutes [Ramen & Friends]
  • Where to eat near Penn Station [SENY]
  • Hyo Dong Gak is celebrating their 10 year anniversary with $7 jjanjangmyeon [Pabo Page]

Lunch Links (The “Pret of Sushi” Edition)

California Roll from Sushi Shop. Photo by Ramen & Friends

  • Sushi Shop is the Pret of sushi [Ramen & Friends]
  • Sofia’s, the Italian place in the Edison Hotel has lost its lease [JV]
  • Shocker: Chopped salads are super popular [NYT]
  • A look at all the dishes at Ippudo Midtown [SENY]
  • Ippudo Midtown has an exclusive collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery [Eataku]
  • Cafe Grumpy may replace Starbucks in Grand Central [Grub St.]
  • Buffalo Wild Wings is coming to Times Square [DNAinfo]
  • A look at the new summer sandwiches from ‘wichcraft [SENY]
  • Where to eat near Times Square [SENY]
  • For those of you who don’t mind a splurge, Ma Peche has rolled out a new large format feast [Eater]
  • If you care about your co-workers, these guys say to avoid Xi’an Famous Foods [II]