Don Antonio’s Toscano is More Calzone Than Panini

Don Antonio

I’ve been quite intrigued by this current trend of fried pizzas, and after reading Chris’s review of Don Antonio‘s (50th btw 8th+9th) fried panini, I knew I wanted to stop by to try one out. Unfortunately since his visit, some of the lower priced options have snuck up $1, but still a buck shy of the ML price ceiling. I decided to take a gander at the other panini under $10, the Toscano. For $9, I will say you do get your money’s worth.

Toscano Panini

The Toscano is comparative to the one Chris got in size aka freaking huge. I could only eat half of it for lunch, saving the rest for a cold pizza-like dinner. The panini comes piping hot, with copious amounts of Italian baked ham, homemade mozzarella, and mushrooms stuffed inside. I did love that the “bread” seems to simply be–and I could be totally wrong here–pizza dough wrapped around the stuffing before being baked in their acunto aka wood-fired oven. It’s not so much a panini as a reimagined calzone. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire sandwich, even when the soft cheese melted out the bottom of the sandwich a bit. They still don’t have much of a lunch crowd, and do now offer free delivery.

Don Antonio

Though if you eat in, you can do as I did and ponder the meaning of these paintings. I don’t know about any popes watching volcano explode over Naples though I’m also not Catholic so what do I know.

Don Antonio , 309 West 50th St (between 8th and 9th Ave); 646-719-1043


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    • Some are hosted here, but many are kept on the individual contributor’s Flickr feed, presumably to have them available in more than one place on the Internets. (I use my phone to see pictures.)

    • It’s also to reduce the load on Zach’s storage and bandwidth. Ironically, my company blocks Flickr as well, so I can never see my own photos at work.

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