Lunch Links (The “Schnitzel Sandwich” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Eataku
  • The Schnitzel & Things truck makes and outstanding schnitzel sandwich [Eataku]
  • Num Pang is opening in Midtown West!?!?! [Grub Street]
  • These guys are big fans of Glaze Teriyaki’s new location [II]
  • The szechuan pork dumplings from Land of Plenty are one of the best dishes in NYC [FitR]
  • Olympic Pita’s spicy sausage laffa is one of the hottest sandwiches in NYC [SENY]
  • The Grill on Wheels kosher truck puts fries in their sandwiches! [Tasty Eating]
  • Bagel Boss is now open in Murray Hill [DNAinfo]


  • those dumplings from Land of Plenty used to be so uch better. I used to tell my coworkers they put cracks in those dumplings. Not so much anymore. It lacks something now.

  • Serious Eats has the price of that spicy sausage laffa wrong. It is 14.95, not 11.95 as the article says. I just got one this afternoon based on the article’s recommendation. Yes, it’s big, and yes, it’s good (just good, not great), but it came to $16.28 after tax. No way I would have gone for this is I knew the (correct) price ahead of time.

  • I mentioned it in the post about Little Collins, but they make a pretty phenomenal Schnitzel Sandwich…. though its a little out of the ML pricerange ($12 including tax).

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