Lunch Links (The “Concubine’s Chicken” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Tasty Eating
  • The Concubine’s Chicken Hand Pulled Noodle at Xi’an is gooood [Tasty Eating]
  • More about Xi’an Famous Foods’ secret recipe [Forbes via Grub St]
  • The 52nd St. Thai food cart makes an adequate pad see ew [Food in Mouth]
  • La Vie en Szechuan will make you feel like you’re in Chinatown [Lunch Studio]
  • Cho Dang Gol has spicy galbi jim!? [Fork in the Road]
  • Where to eat near Grand Central [SENY]
  • Joe Coffee is now roasting its own beans [Grub Street]
  • The upstairs at Ippudo Midtown will be called Men Oh [Eater]


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    I feel compelled to say that I have tried every one of the Hand-Pulled Noodle dishes with meat at Xian, and the Concubine Chicken is the least delicious of them all. (It’s still crazy delicious though.)

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    is xian msg-free?

  • Holy crap, the Concubine’s Chicken was good! What’s your favorite dish? This was my first time there. My only complaints are that the chicken was cut oddly, which created some sharp bone fragments and the wait was over a half an hour.

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