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Shake Shack Tests Out The Lockhart Link Burger in Midtown East

Lunchers of Midtown East are about to be some happy guinea pigs! In preparation for opening their Austin location, Shake Shack is testing out a brand new burger called the Lockhart Link.

According to Eater now through March 25, you can get a taste of Texas only at the Midtown East location. The burger is topped with cheese, pickles, ShackSauce, but most importantly, a griddled jalapeño cheese sausage link from Kreuz Market. I’ve had the pleasure to taste the meat at Kreuz’ in Lockhart, Texas and I can assure you it’s legit. Considering you get both the burger and the sausage for $7.49, expect the lines to form early.

Shake Shack, 600 Third Avenue (at 40th Street), (646) 668-4880

Shake Shack’s Breakfast is Real, and It’s Spectacular

Lunch is great, but there are few things better than a good breakfast sandwich. So when I heard that Shake Shack, the newly public billion dollar company and makers of one of the best burgers in the city, were offering breakfast at their Grand Central Station location (plus JFK, if you’re going somewhere), I had to try it out.

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Grand Central Shake Shack Now Serves Breakfast: If you came through Grand Central today, you may have noticed Shake Shack was open well before lunch time. Eater reports that they are now serving breakfast starting from 7am-10:30am. Burgers and concretes will be swapped out for egg sandwiches and coffee. The sandwiches range from $3.75 to $4.75. Not bad at all. Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.

Smiles All Around at Midtown East Shake Shack Opening

We reported back in February that a Midtown East Shake Shack was to open in autumn. Since when has a New York restaurant opening been on schedule?? Leave it to the staff at Shake Shack to roll out on time, 11/11 @ 11:00am to be precise! But does Midtown East REALLY need another Shake Shack?

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Another Shake Shack Is Coming To Midtown: Hey Midtown, looks like we're getting another Shake Shack! According to the New York Post, the new, large location will open in the fall at 600 Third Avenue (at 40th street). Eater reports it will go into the former Qdoba spot. Now that's a delicious trade for Midtown East!

Shake Shack Celebrates Shacktoberfest and Its Newest Location in Grand Central!

Though Munich might be about 4000 miles away, Shake Shack on the other hand, is not! In celebration of Oktoberfest, Shake Shack is having their 8th annual Shacktoberfest beginning this Friday, October 4th through Sunday, October 13th, with a menu featuring various brats, wursts, and special desserts.

Additionally, Midtown East Lunch’ers can finally access Shake Shack a bit easier with the opening of its newest location in the lower level concourse of Grand Central Terminal this Saturday, October 5th! Though the location will not be participating in Shacktoberfest, Grub Street has reported that the location will be serving up some new things including Shackmeister Ale in commuter bottles, a special “GCT Constellation” concrete, and hand-cut fresh french fries, instead of frozen krinkle fries, which are currently only available at the UES location. If anyone grabs a pair of their opening day “Shack Shades,” save a pair for me?

Highlights from the Shacktoberfest menu after the jump…

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Shake Shack is Now Big Enough For Calorie Counts

Notch your belts, take your Pepto, and gird your loins, people. Stating numbers that should surprise absolutely nobody at all, Shake Shack has posted their calorie counts in their restaurants. Attributed to opening their 15th nationwide restaurant, the chain has reached a numerical threshold requiring them to do so thanks to NYC law. The counts have been available online since April 2011, surely being visited frequently by health-conscious mobile device users within Shake Shack’s legendary long lines.

So lets talk hard numbers…

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Shake Shack’s Smoke Shack Now Available In Midtown

Attention lovers of awesome! Shake Shake is now offering their Smoke Shack burger (bacon cheeseburger with cherry pepper relish and Shack Sauce) in Midtown. In fact, as of this week, it is available at most Shacks. Sarah was a big fan of the burger — especially the Niman Ranch bacon — when she tried it as a menu special back in May. A single will run you $6.25, and a double is $8.80.

Shake Shack Says Smoke Shack Might Come to Midtown This Summer

Some Shake Shack locations are now featuring the Smoke Shack, a $6.25 bacon cheeseburger with cherry pepper relish, bacon from Niman Ranch, and Shack Sauce. The burger is still living on the “Today’s Special” board, so don’t look for it on the large official menu. GrubStreet and A Hamburger Today posted earlier this week that the Smoke Shack is only available at the Madison Square Park and Upper East Side locations, so I hit up the park, because — of course — I had to get my hands on one asap! And, I can confirm this is one tasty burger.
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Shake Shack Gets One Star From the NYT

When’s the last time THE New York Times restaurant review also qualified as a Midtown Lunch? Apparently, Pete Wells has discovered Shake Shack and awarded it one star in today’s dining section. I can’t decide of it’s badass or just bizarre to review it … now. While Mr. Wells was “never let down by the hot dogs,” he was brutal when it came to their fries, calling them “pretty awful,” among other things. But for the main event, the burgers, he found the doneness unpredictable. “Shake Shack wasn’t even consistently inconsistent,” he wrote when two patties in the same sandwich were cooked differently. We are certainly fans of Shake Shack on this blog, but it’s hard to defend the place when Mr. Wells isn’t exactly wrong. Sure, I’ve had inconsistently cooked food from Shake Shack, but when you get a really good Shack burger … it’s just SO GOOD.

But even stranger might have been the companion blog piece comparing seven other NYC burgers to the Shack, including several from Midtown. He bestowed favorable words to both the signature burger from Steak N’ Shake and Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen‘s burger while mentioning that Bill’s Bar & Burger was greasy. True. But the fact that Mr. Wells didn’t even address Five Guys or Burger Joint at all is pretty inexcusable.  What do you guys think?