Shake Shack’s Breakfast is Real, and It’s Spectacular

Lunch is great, but there are few things better than a good breakfast sandwich. So when I heard that Shake Shack, the newly public billion dollar company and makers of one of the best burgers in the city, were offering breakfast at their Grand Central Station location (plus JFK, if you’re going somewhere), I had to try it out.

Shake Shack’s breakfast menu is served daily until 10:30am and includes three sandwiches – egg and cheese for $3.75, plus bacon or sausage, egg and cheese for $4.75 – and a few drinks. They offer Shack drip coffee, a special blend from Stumptown, as well as bottled and cartoned Stumptown iced coffee, as well as breakfast tea.

Being a proper cheapskate, I skipped the coffee (my office stocks Foldger’s) and went for the sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.

The sandwich is made with the same bun that Shake Shack’s burgers use. That’s a downer for me, because breakfast sandwiches made on bagels are clearly the best (only) way to go, but I didn’t come here for the bun, I came for the sausage – a pattie of pork sausage the size and thickness of a burger that tastes like it was made with a bit of maple syrup. In fact, the sandwich eats more like a sausage burger with an egg than it does an egg sandwich. It’s a nice spin on the traditional egg and cheese sandwich. The egg itself is fried over hard in a disk (like McDonald’s does it), but good. The American cheese is properly melted to bring the sandwich together. But again, the star of this sandwich is the sausage.

I’m sure a point of contention will be that the sandwich is small. And yes, as it’s served on a burger bun, it is a small sandwich. I tend to favor quality over quantity, so I think it’s a fine size for a breakfast sandwich. But yea, big eaters will want to skip it and head directly to their favorite bagel place.

I can’t in good conscience say that Shake Shack’s breakfast sandwich beats out a good bacon/sausage, egg, and cheese on a (preferably everything) bagel, but it’s a good sandwich at a fairly competitive price. The next time I have a hankering for breakfast sausage, I’m heading to Grand Central.

Shake Shack, Grand Central Terminal


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    “…because breakfast sandwiches made on bagels are clearly the best (only) way to go”

    I mostly agree, as long as you get the sandwich from a real bagel store. Since you mentioned McDonald’s, I actually prefer their breakfast sandwiches on a greasy biscuit.

  • I visited Alidoro for breakfast sandwiches a couple times during the content-free 12 days of Xmas. Was underwhelmed by their $3 offerings – the Carlo suffered from an extremely dry shaved porchetta; the Davide was tasty but too small, both were about the size of a tangerine. These Shack ones look to hit the sweet spot of the size/price/quality ratio and I love me a Sugar Sausage on Hot Potato Buns …

    (which also coincidentally happen to be Jamie’s two favorite nicknames for me)

  • I had the shake shack breakfast sandwich at Terminal 4 at JFK. Totally underwhelming like their burgers.


    The “grateful as all hell for the fresh Tuesday content even if it is breakfast on a hamburger bun” edition

  • If you’re hooked on breakfast sandwiches, this is a must-have. Seriously. Fast, easy to clean, and real-egg sandwiches on english muffins also rock!

    • McDonald’s advertises a “fresh-cracked egg” as part of its Egg McMuffin. Just sayin’.

      • They also have freshly killed chickens… freshly killed… and then liquified and reconstituted with oatmeal paste, tertiary butylhydroquinone and dimethylpolysiloxane before being McLovingly served to you


  • Five Guys has a killer breakfast sandwich too, if you can find it…

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    I’m shocked there are no new posts since Feb. 3rd. What is happening to this site?

    Second, after reading @stevenp’s comment, I e-mailed Five Guys to ask where they serve breakfast and was told it is only served at very few stores, mostly in airports. The closest one to Midtown is LaGuardia Airport.

    • I think it’s a mix of three things:

      – We’re suffering a small case of We’ve Covered It All disease. Midtown really doesn’t have much going for it.

      – Total speculation here but everyone’s too lumpin’ critical of the writers so they are quick to jump ship.

      – The new generation of writers is too proud to try the dinky, dirty, hole in the wall restaurants everyone else would avoid.

      • - We’ve lost all the colorful commenters like Bossman, CockChug, Rudy (RIP), Mamacita, that fat bastard Zach…

        I do my best but some days it’s so tough, especially when Jamie sexually harrasses me … sniff

      • And the loss of the forums. (How do hundreds of thousands of OTHER websites have active forums for their participants, but not ML??? This site used to have a lot of interest, activity, feedback when the forum was running.

      • and of course FotW

      • Sorry guys. Doing my best to keep this site up and running from 3000 miles away, but the real culprit is that it doesn’t make any money. And our contributors have real, full time jobs that are their primary focus. They do their best to contribute when they can, but if nobody has written anything I can’t post anything. The weather hasn’t helped much either, that’s for sure.

        As for forums (and other technical upgrades to the site) they are expensive and not guaranteed to work (as we saw the last time I sunk some money into trying to fix them.) It’d be easier to have forums if we blew up the whole site, deleted all the user accounts and started from scratch- but I always figured you guys wouldn’t be happy about that either.

        I’ve thought about doing a kickstarter to raise money to revamp the site, but even then we still wouldn’t necessarily have somebody on the ground who could devote all their time to keeping it up and running. I’ve struggled with a lot of this stuff over the years, because I am still committed to the idea of this site. I think it would be really sad if it went away, because there is still a need for something like this in Midtown. And I do think there’s enough news and enough interest from Midtown workers to support it. That’s why I keep it alive even though the money it makes from Google Ads barely covers the cost of keeping it up and running.

        I’ve talked to a few different people/companies about possibly buying the site or taking it over. All of these options are still a possibility. In the meantime, if any of you guys want to volunteer to take over, feel free to step forward. If not, try and stick with us until I find a long term solution to keep the site going.


  • Blow it up bro. Change is good, or at least, inevitable. I’m sure a “rebirth” would be very well received. Especially if it’s well communicated beforehand.

    My $0.02 anyway…

  • Aren’t there free forum services?

    • You get what you pay for. Also, it might be free to use but it’s not free to implement. (I am woefully inept when it comes to the technical parts of this site, and the guy who built it has moved on to bigger and better things. Finding a decent replacement for him has proven pretty difficult over the years.)

  • I offer 1 #17 with soppresatta added at pisillos downtown on sfilitino for all right title and interest to this site.


  • I wouldn’t mind a full reboot of user accounts, or even a change in layout, as long as the content was preserved. Any MLers in the IT field who could assist, maybe? Can we send in our own articles, and if so, where exactly should they go to? Might revive some Flatiron Lunch action or ML HH. Strictly volunteer, not looking to get paid!

  • great idea about the Kickstarter!

    Or we can sell a sexy calendar featuring wayne, fred, and myself covered in condiments from around the world.

    And to second Zach- If you have any suggestions to help Midtown Lunch make the cashmonay and run smoother- send them!!!!

    Don’t give up on us! There are years of amazing content on this site that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • My $0.02, you should unify the locations on one page, just make the location for each article obvious. There’s great stuff for Philly and LA, but I forget to look.

  • What about a Patreon? Wouldn’t that make more sense since it’s essentially a subscription service?

  • How long before they decide to offer the option of stacking the sausage/breakfast patty on top of a burger to make a monster breakfast burger? With a proper fried egg on top, btw. None of this ‘hard’ sh!t.

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