Shake Shack is Now Big Enough For Calorie Counts

Notch your belts, take your Pepto, and gird your loins, people. Stating numbers that should surprise absolutely nobody at all, Shake Shack has posted their calorie counts in their restaurants. Attributed to opening their 15th nationwide restaurant, the chain has reached a numerical threshold requiring them to do so thanks to NYC law. The counts have been available online since April 2011, surely being visited frequently by health-conscious mobile device users within Shake Shack’s legendary long lines.

So lets talk hard numbers…

Your ShackBurger, fries, and chocolate shake is 2200 calories. As in if you have that, by the numbers alone, you shouldn’t eat anything else that day. No, really. If you eat that combo and you’re a grown adult, you shouldn’t eat any more than that in one 24-hour period. I’m sure if you’re a bodybuilder or The Rock, you could get away with it, but I’m fairly certain that the majority of the lovely and talented Midtown Lunch readership (and speaking only for myself, their contributors) are great folks that are fine office jockeys that simply do not go home and spend an hour doing cardio, two hours doing weights, and one hour shooting up steroids to cool down.

The article states that not many customers have changed their patterns, which is either testament to Shake Shack’s fame and quality, or to the inevitable downfall-of-society/we-are-worse-than-the-ancient-Romans comparison. Me, I’m holding out for the bacon-wrapped ShackBurger before I make any decisions, and sticking to baby carrots as a snack just to feel a little less worse.

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  • I was at the UWS location Tuesday and noticed the calorie counts. I just assumed they’d been there all along, since I normally don’t look at the wall menu anyway.

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