Breakfast Sandwiches for Lunch at ‘wichcraft

'wichcraft rock center

Sometimes when I take lunch I want to just chill out for a little while, but let’s be honest here, I’m cheap, so hitting up most traditional sit down restaurants is generally going to be out of my lunch budget. ‘wichcraft in Rock Center is my sometimes oasis. If you hit it a the right time (early or late lunch), you can get a table and hole up with your lunch and a complimentary magazine. Most tourists don’t venture that far into the Rock Center underbelly, so the seating situation is much more pleasant than jostling for a free table in the open seating area. But as far as chains go, ‘wichcraft is a pricey spot, so getting out of there feeling like you get your $$ worth is a constant struggle.

Zach covered some of the best bet options for under $10 dining, way back when, but one of the things he missed is that ‘wichcraft serves breakfast all day long.

At $6.95 and $6.50, their two breakfast sandwiches are more than I usually want to spend for my morning meal, but come lunchtime, it’s a little more my speed. I’ve enjoyed their fried egg, bacon, gorgonzola & frisée sandwich on ciabatta roll ($6.95), so I was interested in trying their onion frittata ($6.50).

onion frittata from wichcraft

The sandwich consisted of onion, eggs, roasted tomato and cheddar on a ciabatta roll. It reminded me of the Italian eggs my mom would make for us on the weekends. I love the grilled gruyere at ‘wichcraft, but the lack of protein leaves me hungry soon thereafter. If I’m looking for a cheaper sandwich option at ‘wichcraft, that satisfies and leaves me with some change from my Hamilton, either of the breakfast sandwiches will fit the bill.

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