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‘wichcraft Launches New Summer Items: If you're a 'wichcraft fan who always looks forward to their seasonal items, you'll be happy to know that the summer menu took effect yesterday. They have three different open-faced breakfast toast plus two new sandwiches- one with roast beef and another grilled fontina & taleggio- among other things.

‘wichcraft Brings Grilled Cheese & Soup to Bryant Park

As I began to reminisce about Melt Shop from earlier this month, and just before the snow started and the temperature dropped to single digits (obviously), I found myself craving some grilled cheese and tomato soup once again. Sure, I could schlep up to 50th and indulge in their Fried Chicken grilled cheese, but that leaves me no time to get back to my desk and watch YouTube videos for the remainder of my lunch. Is that a trade-off I’m willing to make? Fortunately, it wasn’t necessary. After a quick Google search, I was reminded that ‘wichcraft had opened their Grilled Cheese & Soup stand in Bryant Park – only a block away. Was this going to fulfill both of my stringent lunch requirements – grilled cheese with tomato soup and YouTube videos?

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Checking Out ‘wichcraft’s Summer Sandwiches

Earlier this week, ‘wichcraft launched their summer menu, bringing back some of last year’s goodies, while still introducing new combinations. The flank steak ($9.87) and the zucchini and mozzarella ($7.35) sandwiches were great last summer, but I was interested in checking out something new from ‘wichcraft.
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‘wichcraft Launches Their Summer Menu Today

Feels like summer is definitely here to stay, and with a change of seasons comes a change in the ‘wichcraft menu. I’m happy to see a couple of my favorites from last summer making a return, including the grilled flank steak (with romesco, grilled red onions and aged cheddar on grilled country bread) and the zucchini and mozzarella (with basil, Parmesan and roasted tomatoes on grilled country bread). Chicken salad is also back with kale, cucumber, walnuts and pickled red onions on multigrain bread. There’s chickpea hummus with a greenmarket vegetable salad, tahini, za’atar and mint pesto, also on multigrain bread. Not into a veggie option? How about some slow roasted Berkshire pork with red cabbage, jalapeños and dijon mustard on a ciabatta roll? Last but not least, this season’s frittata includes greenmarket veggies, oregano and aged cheddar on a ciabatta roll. Oh, and don’t forget Tom Colicchio’s special mortadella sandwich remains on the menu as well.

‘wichcraft, multiple locations

Wichcraft Celebrates 10 Years With a Limited Edition Sandwich and Giveaway

Wichcraft, co-founded by Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a limited edition sandwich (available through July) and a contest in which entrants submit original ideas for new sandwich combinations. Winners are offered the opportunity to meet Wichcraft’s co-founders, take a “sandwich making crash course,” eat some free meals, and do a bunch of other neat things. They’re accepting entries through June 7, 2013 and all relevant info can be found here.

Now, a look at the sandwich after the jump…

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The Southwest Porch Has Reopened

Southwest Porch

For the past few years, Southwest Porch (40th+6th) has been a good outdoor option on beautiful days: burgers, beer, and porch swings. But anyone who has passed by over the past few months has seen work being done. They were undergoing renovations and it’s finally done complete with a revamped menu. The porch swings are out, bratwurst is in.

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‘wichcraft Introduces Daily Specials, Starts New Seasonal Menu Today

‘wichcraft‘s new seasonal menu begins today. They’re serving the roasted chicken sandwich ($9.64) with tuscan kale, cannellini puree and mozzarella on grilled country bread. I’m happy to see the meatloaf sandwich is back on the menu too with tomato relish, bacon and aged cheddar served on ciabatta ($9.87). Of course there must be a frittata, and the new one includes pancetta, roasted tomatoes, rosemary and aged cheddar on a ciabatta roll ($6.89). And, the veggie option is a sweet potato sandwich on grilled country bread with black olives, basil, goat cheese and mozzarella ($7.35). In additional to the new seasonal items, ‘wichcraft will now offer daily specials as well. No word on the price for those, but I’m going to go ahead and assume they’ll be at the top end of their $7-$10 range.

‘wichcraft, multiple locations

Where To Get Your Pumpkin Fix In Midtown

I love pumpkin, and I get really excited during this time of year when seasonal pumpkin dishes start popping up on menus. Yet, if there is one thing I can’t stand, it is the pumpkin spice latte. It makes me nuts when Starbucks declares that they have the seasonal drink in stores (which was months ago, by the way — waaaaay too early for my pumpkin cravings), and people get so excited. Every couple of years I think to myself, “Self, you should give that drink another shot — it can’t be that bad if everyone and their mother is excited.” And then, half a second after the first sip, I think to myself, “Self, it can’t possibly taste this way on purpose, can it?!” It is coffee for people who hate coffee and clearly don’t understand the nuances of the pumpkin.

Now that that is off my chest, let’s talk about some of the wonderful pumpkin dishes Midtown is currently offering, for when you get that pumpkin craving.

Pumpkin Muffin from Le Pain Quotidien

If you’re looking for pumpkin for breakfast, Le Pain Quotidien does a very nice pumpkin muffin ($2.85). I am especially a fan of the pumpkin seeds on top — they add a textural contrast and sweetness to balance the spices inside the muffin.

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Free Hot Chocolate Alert: Speaking of 'wichcraft, tomorrow (Thursday 10/25) they'll be switching their Byrant Park ice cream kiosk over to hot chocolate for the winter (in four flavors: classic, malt, spiced, or orange.) And to celebrate they'll be giving out free 4oz samples of hot chocolate from 2-4pm.  The hot chocolate itself will be available for purchase at all 'wichcraft locations starting tomorrow, but freeloaders will want to hit up the Bryant Park kiosk from 2-4pm.

‘wichcraft Updates Their Seasonal Sandwiches Menu

It’s no secret that I really appreciate ‘wichcraft and their seasonal sandwiches. I ate my way through the entire summer menu a few months ago, and now the sandwich chain has launched their new seasonal specials.  The new frittata is still $6.88 and includes leeks, caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes and aged cheddar on ciabatta. Also on ciabatta is the whole roasted chicken sandwich ($9.64) with red chilies cabbage slaw and crema. They’re also serving up slow roasted pork ($9.87), which is pork shoulder with pepper relish and fontina on grilled country bread. The red wine braised brisket sandwich will also run you $9.87 and comes with mushrooms, red peppers, onions and gruyere on ciabatta. Lastly, they’re offering a roasted pumpkin sandwich on grilled country bread with hazelnut brown butter, sage and mozzerella. As a huge winter veggie fan, especially pumpkin, that last sandwich sounded right up my alley!

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