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‘wichcraft Updates Their Seasonal Sandwiches Menu

It’s no secret that I really appreciate ‘wichcraft and their seasonal sandwiches. I ate my way through the entire summer menu a few months ago, and now the sandwich chain has launched their new seasonal specials.  The new frittata is still $6.88 and includes leeks, caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes and aged cheddar on ciabatta. Also on ciabatta is the whole roasted chicken sandwich ($9.64) with red chilies cabbage slaw and crema. They’re also serving up slow roasted pork ($9.87), which is pork shoulder with pepper relish and fontina on grilled country bread. The red wine braised brisket sandwich will also run you $9.87 and comes with mushrooms, red peppers, onions and gruyere on ciabatta. Lastly, they’re offering a roasted pumpkin sandwich on grilled country bread with hazelnut brown butter, sage and mozzerella. As a huge winter veggie fan, especially pumpkin, that last sandwich sounded right up my alley!

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Bogo Ice Cream Sandwich Alert: Apparently today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (who knew!?) so to celebrate 'wichcraft will be offering buy one get one free ice cream sandwiches at their Bryant Park kiosk all day long.  You'll have a choice between strawberry ice cream between two peanut butter cookies, or mint chocolate chip ice cream between two chocolate cookies.

‘wichcraft BLTs Are Back as of Yesterday

Blondie's BLT

‘wichcraft. BLT. Yesterday marked the heralded return of this perennial Midtown Lunch favorite, ($9.87 according to leaked ‘wichcraft internal memos) and I believe it may warrant a visit to one of their locations to see if it has held its pedigree. With droughtlike conditions covering prime tomato-growing areas and the tomato season barely having begun (at least as far as the big beautiful ones you can get in Jersey and greenmarkets) it remains to be seen if the quality can stand up to their long-standing record of thick cut heritage bacon, heirloom tomatoes, homemade aioli, and non-iceberg lettuce.

Does this simple American classic merit the top-of-the-ML-range pricing for the sandwich alone, or does it scrape nostalgia from our wallets like so many veins of silver? Only way to find out is to dodge the swarms of tourists around your friendly local ‘wichcraft and avoid the bacon hipsters as they descend upon the limited-time offering.

Friday Brings Free ‘wichcraft PB&J To The NYPL

Boy, this New York Public Library Lunch Hour exhibition keeps getting cooler. Earlier this week, we learned that the NYPL teamed up with the Food Truck Association to bring select trucks to the Bryant Park area. Now ‘wichcraft is getting in on the action by offering $3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the two kiosks they opened in the library back in March. For the duration of the exhibit (until February 17, 2013), the two carts will offer the discounted triple-decker PB&J, which uses seasonal fruit preserves (this season is quince) on pullman white bread. The best part? On Friday, when the promotion begins, they’ll be offering free samples from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on the first floor in Astor Court!

‘wichcraft’s Mint Ice Creamwich Is A Perfect Summer Treat

Last summer, Blondie wrote about the then new ‘wichcraft ice cream stand in Bryant Park, near the carousel. She loved the vanilla ice cream between peanut butter cookies sandwich, which looked great, but I’m a mint chip kinda girl. Wouldn’t you know it, ‘wichcraft’s ice cream stand is offering two new ice cream sandwich flavors (not surprisingly, they’re seasonal… just like their new summer sandwiches), peanut butter & strawberry and … chocolate & mint chip. Sold!

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Eating All Of The ‘wichcraft Summer Sammies

I’m a big fan of the quality of ingredients you get at ‘wichcraft. Actually, I’m a big fan of anything Tom Colicchio does. I don’t mind trading quantity for quality here and there, so when they updated their seasonal items for summer, you can bet I was in Bryant Park, standing in line to try them. And by “them,” obviously I mean all of them! Although I don’t think any of these are menu newbies, some are definitely old friends that I was happy to see return to the mix (others … not so much).

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‘wichcraft’s Summer Menu Starts Today

It’s getting to be summertime — although you wouldn’t really know it by the weather we’ve been having lately — which means ‘wichcraft‘s seasonal menu is getting its facelift. Today, the sandwich chain brings back four of their classics, all under $10 (although some just barely). This season’s frittata sandwich will run you $6.88 and includes local asparagus, English peas and aged cheddar on a ciabatta roll. Not into breakfast for lunch? The blackened flank steak with romesco, grilled red onions & aged cheddar on grilled country bread, comes in just within the ML limit at $9.87. Also on the pricier side: the free-range chicken salad sandwich with walnuts, slow roasted tomatoes, pickled red onions & frisée on multigrain bread ($9.64). If chicken salad doesn’t speak to you (yeah, me neither), perhaps the local zucchini & mozzarella sandwich will — it includes basil, Parmesan & roasted tomatoes on grilled country bread ($7.12). I’m making it my business to try ‘em all in the coming week or two (yep, even the chicken salad) — early adopters, let us know what you think, too!

Oh, also on the horizon? The summer BLT will make an appearance later in the summer when local heirloom tomatoes come into season.

Celebrate ‘wichcraft’s Birthday With a $9 Classic Combo: It's 'wichcraft's 9th birthday this week so to celebrate they've decide to offer a special combo all week long.  Get one of their classic sandwiches (turkey, tuna, pork & coppa or goat cheese) plus a peanut butter or chocolate cream 'wich and an iced tea or lemonade for just $9.  The lunch special is good through May 25th at all locations.

‘Wichcraft to give free meals to Foursquare Mayors

The mayor eats for free everyday at 'Wichcraft.

If you’re still wondering what the point is to checking in on Foursquare, ‘Wichcraft just offered a pretty compelling reason. Starting today, all 18 ‘Wichcraft locations in New York and San Francsico will give a free meal a day to whoever is the current mayor on foursquare. The meal includes a sandwich, full sized salad, or soup and salad combo as well as a drink and one of their spiffy creamwiches – a value of up to $18. Every. Day. That’s huge.

While you’re jumping on the Foursquare bandwagon, be sure to follow Midtown Lunch to get tips on nearby lunch spots.

Southwest Porch Is Opening Up Again: The Southwest Porch is opening up again starting today with a new menu featuring a grilled cheddar burger and a BBQ-spiced grilled chicken sandwich, along with menu items from 'wichcraft. Those passing by in the morning are in luck too, since they'll have Greek yogurt and La Colombe coffee.