‘wichcraft’s Mint Ice Creamwich Is A Perfect Summer Treat

Last summer, Blondie wrote about the then new ‘wichcraft ice cream stand in Bryant Park, near the carousel. She loved the vanilla ice cream between peanut butter cookies sandwich, which looked great, but I’m a mint chip kinda girl. Wouldn’t you know it, ‘wichcraft’s ice cream stand is offering two new ice cream sandwich flavors (not surprisingly, they’re seasonal… just like their new summer sandwiches), peanut butter & strawberry and … chocolate & mint chip. Sold!

Cold and refreshing, the ice cream comes out of the freezer at just the right temperature so that it stays mostly firm and doesn’t melt all over your hands — and more importantly, work clothes — before you finish it. I really don’t know how they manage that!

‘wichcraft has redefined what mint ice cream means in my life. The chocolate & mint chip ice creamwich ($4.25) tastes of actual mint leaves, not at all like the mint ice cream you get from the supermarket (which is what I thought I loved … and now I’ve been ruined by this stuff). The whole chocolate chips add texture to the filling, while the chocolate cookies keep it all together. These are delightful ice cream sandwiches — the best I’ve had, even — and really are the perfect summer treat.

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