Lunch Hour NYC Brings Food Trucks to 5th Ave.

Lunch Hour NYC at NYPL

Have you gone to the new exhibit at New York Public Library, “Lunch Hour NYC,” yet?! Well, starting today you’ll have all the more reason to: the Library has teamed up with the Food Truck Association to bring food trucks back to the Bryant Park area! The trucks are going to be parked on Fifth Avenue towards 40th Street, right outside the public plaza in front of the Schwarzman Building. The Monday to Friday schedule features Mexicue, Schnitzel & Things, Red Hook Lobster Pound (today), Rickshaw Dumplings (tomorrow), and Eddie’s Pizza (on Friday.) The trucks should be parked from 11am to 3pm, with a portion of the sales going towards Bryant Park and NYPL.


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    You know what’s fun? When someone tries to do a respectable gesture and they end up getting sassed on the internet.

    All of the trucks mentioned above (except Eddie’s Pizza) have brick and mortar stores (some of which are even close to the library).

    They’re all quality trucks, don’t get me wrong, but, if you’re gonna try and emphasize the working class food truck lifestyle, why not pick a few that haven’t “escaped” to brick and mortar stores? A food truck that hasn’t hired a graphic designer, perhaps.

  • I didn’t know about this exhibit. Awesome!

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    Food trucks and the NYPL. Two of my most favorite things of all time.

  • The Lunch Hour NYC exhibit at the NYPL is awesome! And it’s great to walk out of the exhibit to find delicious food trucks there.

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