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Rickshaw Dumpling Adds Option, Ups Prices

Rickshaw Dumplings has been tweeting about offering their dumpling sets in threes (instead of six of one kind), which allows for mixing and matching. Sounds fun, right? I went by the Times Square Kiosk to check it out and was surprised to find that the real story is that they’ve increased their prices. Yes, you can now get dumplings in sets of three, but it’ll run you $3.75! Six will now cost you $6.50 ($7.00 if you order duck), which is a $.50 increase. The good news is that the “Rickshaw regular” — six dumplings plus one side — remains $9.00 … but still, those are some mighty pricey dumplings.

Rickshaw Dumpling Kiosk Is Open Times Square

The finishing touches for the Rickshaw Dumpling kiosk in Times Square are happening now, but they are open for business! The menu should be pretty familiar to Midtown Lunch’ers, offering four regular dumpling options: the three varieties that the trucks have for $6.00 (classic pork, chicken & Thai basil and vegetarian edamame), plus Peking duck dumplings ($6.50). Standard sides are $3.00 each (chili sesame noodle salad, miso mini soup, crunchy Asian salad and chillin edamame). After they’ve mastered dumplings at the kiosk, they plan to start offering steamed buns as well.

The kiosk will open for lunch everyday at 11 a.m., but interestingly, an employee I spoke with said they’re also considering breakfast bun options in the future. Now that’s something I can truly get behind!

Rickshaw Dumplings, Broadway btwn 42nd-43rd Streets in Times Square

At Lunch Now: Rickshaw Dumpling Kiosk Arrives In Times Sq

Rickshaw Dumplings tweeted last week that they were opening in Times Square today, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Their  shipping container kiosk got delivered to Times Square today, but as of a few minutes ago they were still on the roof of the thing pouring gas/fuel into something and there are unpacked boxes inside.  The last of the kiosks sits in the pedestrian mall between 42nd and 43rd streets in Times Square, closer to 43rd. We’ll keep checking in to see when they actually open!

Rickshaw Dumplings Kiosk To Open Monday?: Looks like the final Times Square kiosk is finally set to open! They let me know via twitter a couple weeks ago that they were going to open in December, and now Rickshaw Dumpling Bar tweeted this week that their kiosk will open on Monday. Seems like odd timing, with New Year's Eve insuring that the kiosks will most likely be moved again in the next week, but for fans of RD- finally having a steady supply of dumplings in Midtown West will be cause for holiday cheer.

Rickshaw Dumplings Times Square Kiosk Update

Since the Nuchas kiosk joined Snack Box and Salume in Times Square in November, we are 75% of the way there with the four Times Square Alliance kiosks. Last on the list? Rickshaw Dumplings. We know what we’re in for with Rickshaw food, making it a little less exciting than others- but Rickshaw fans are probably excited to have a stationary dumpling location, immune to the whims of the food truck hating cops. There isn’t an exact date set for the opening, but they let us know via twitter that it is happening this month. I guess that means we can look forward to celebrating the holidays with some dumplings!

Rickshaw, Salume & More Getting Kiosks in Times Sq.

Back in March the Times Square Alliance announced that they would be taking proposals from businesses who were interested in selling food from kiosks in the pedestrian area of Times Square, and today they announced the first four “winners”. Congrats to Salume (panini from the Soho restaurant of the same name), Snack Box (an espresso bar with gourmet hot dogs and milkshakes from the owner of Republic and Bond St.), Nuchas (an Argentine empanada stand), and Rickshaw Dumplings. Construction on the first stand (Salume) begins tomorrow, and it should open by mid september with the others to follow.  We know what we’re getting with Rickshaw, and Salume is supposed to be really good (although a bit expensive by Midtown Lunch standards.) I guess we’ll just have to wait and try it before deciding if we’re looking at completely overpriced tourist crap, or a few decent new lunch options in the already starved area of Times Square.

Rickshaw Dumpling on Lex is Now Open

Rickshaw Dumpling

Don’t know how we forgot to mention this… but the Rickshaw Dumpling storefront on Lex and 45th opened a few weeks ago. The first day I passed by, I noticed a line out the door and wanted no part of the commotion.  The second time, I was able to snag a shot and a menu…

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Rickshaw Dumpling to Open Midtown Storefront

From storefront to food truck and back again, it looks like Rickshaw Dumpling’s business is strong enough in Midtown to do this… Lunch’er Epcol spotted this on Lexington and 45th. No word on when it will open or what this means for their Midtown truck schedule.

Rickshaw And Frites N Meats Still Fighting: Following yesterday's story about the dust up between Rickshaw and Frites N Meats, Rickshaw owner Kenny Lao told Grub Street that the notoriously hot headed FnM owner Vadim used racial and homophobic slurs against him. Vadim responded by saying Kenny is just trying to shift focus away from the fact that he ruined the spot on 48th for everyone else.

Frites N Meats Calls For Rickshaw Boycott

Like sand through the hourglass… another day, another fight between food trucks. Apparently the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck decided they wanted to test out 48th & 6th today, a spot that Frites N Meats has been cultivating on Tuesdays and Fridays for awhile now. The result? Security from the Fox News Building called the peddler unit of the NYPD, and everybody got kicked out (and according to FnM owner Vadim, the word permanently was used.) This spot on 48th has seen its fair share of trouble in the past, but clearly the trucks worked things out with the building who doesn’t seem to mind the trucks (Cravings is there on Mondays, Frites N Meats is there Tuesdays and Fridays. Eddie’s Pizza is there on Wednesdays, and Schnitzel is there on Thursdays) as long as it’s only one per day. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow when Eddie’s Pizza shows up to the spot. As for the trucks today? Rickshaw has settled on 52nd and Lex, and Frites N Meats has settled on 52nd and 6th, although you’ll probably want to check the ML Twitter Tracker just to be safe.

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