Rickshaw And Frites N Meats Still Fighting


  • $10 it’s a publicity stunt

  • PPV: Street Carts Death Match!

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    this stinks for Cravings and Schnitzel & Things that they can no longer park on the block they have been for about 2 years.

  • Considering that the FnM guys also own Paradou, I’m not surprised. Paradou, as you may remember, were the charmers behind the profanity-ridden leaked email to their staff that threatened lives and jobs if these staff members didn’t get email addresses of every person who set foot in the place. The guy is a hothead.

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    who is supposed to park there today? we will find out if they are even allowed to and see if they really did ruin it for everyone

  • I’m boycotting Rickshaw because their food is terrible.
    I’m boycotting FnM because the owner is a douche.

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      Agreed. Haven’t actually eaten at the Rickshaw truck since I work close to the restaurant, but it’s not great. And not only is Vadim a douche, but their burgers aren’t that good either. Would rather stand in Shake Shack line or the In ‘n’ Out knockoff to get a burger from someone without attitude.

      • He constantly puts down shake shack via twitter as well. Its like he’s picking a fight with some one who he knows can’t and won’t respond.

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        The outright putdowns of Shake Shack were the final straw for unfollowing. Everyone’s entitled to different tastes and different opinions, but why be a jerk about it? It’d be one thing if he was slamming a big chain, but Shake Shack isn’t one (…yet).

    • We should all boycott Fox “News” while we are at it too

  • According to the Eater article, the security/cop say 48th/6th is on the list of restricted streets. Whatever this is really starting to get old.

  • That spot is definitely illegal. (Although technically most spots are for trucks.) Clearly they worked out a schedule (one truck a day) that was acceptable to the building, so they didn’t call the cops and complain. That’s what makes this thing most disappointing…

    After months and months of cultivating this previously un-usable spot, it looks to be ruined for everybody.

    • I work very close to that spot, and have a co-worker that religiously visits the Cravings truck every Monday (she even blocks time as re-occurring meeting in her calendar). I personally get the Schnitzel at least 2-3 times a month on Thursday. We’re both crushed. :(

  • This excuse from the Rickshaw people that they didn’t know is really lame, they knew exactly what they were doing and were hoping to muscle in on a very, very good spot for food trucks.

  • i have previously backed FnM during their scuffle with S&T. but man, this guy is a serious douche. I’m throwing away my FnM punch card in protest to his “methods”. I can get a much tastier burger for far cheaper at Carnegie John’s.

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    this sucks! =(

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    Hi. This is Vadim of Frites’N'Meats. I just wanted to say a couple of things. If you dont like my burgers, thats fine. Not everyone does. No problem there. But when you start making comments about things you now nothing about, when you start making comments about me, my relationship with my staff, whether Im a douche or not, well I’d like to know what first-hand experience you’ve had with me. Have we met? Have I ever offended you personally in any way? Have I personally offended anyone you know in any way? The answer to all of these questions will probably be no. In that case, the only douche is the one staring right back at ya in the mirror.
    Locondcoco, what exactly are my “methods”. Moriath, while I appreciate you coming to the defense of Shake Shack, have you no understanding of marketing? I have incredible respect for Danny Meyer. The guy is a genius. And Im sure if he had issue with my comments, he’d let me know. Or more accurately, his lawyers would. Are you the only ones allowed to say that my burgers suck, but god forbid I say that i think the Shake Shack burgers are inferior. And Formz, what exactly are you grounds for thinking me a douche? Do you know me? Have we spoken? Do you even know who I am? No. But hey, youve got this forum and why not just toss some shit my way. Make you feel better about your life? And OffBalance, what is there to say about your comments. Other than your name seems perfectly fitting, there doesnt really seem much. Once again, have you ever worked at Paradou? have you ever spoken to any of the staff at Paradou? What do you know about me or my business to willfully spout trash that damages my livelihood as well as the livelihood of the 15 people who work there? Does it make you feel better? And dbug42, I think its very fitting that the image youve chosen to represent yourself, is the back end of a cow. We all know what thats full off. Like they say, we all choose pics that represent us best. Lastly, the first post, Steve. Youd love that bet, this was no publicity stunt.
    Im not the kind of person who will sit silently while others who are clueless as to the events that transpired derive pleasure from destroying my name and all that Ive worked very hard to achieve. I will stand up and I will take you to task. Just because the internet allows anyone and everyone to say anything and everything, does not mean that you will do so without recourse. Not when it comes to me. And since you all know where I can be found, if any of you would like to express your opinions to me personally, you know where to find me

    • Vadim,

      We may not know how you are as a person (although this surely does give us some insight), but we know your track record. I find it hard not to believe that you threw a plate of food at one of the Schniztel guys. I find it hard not to believe that you would spew hateful messages at other people.

      I get that Rickshaw is at fault here but… really? Calling someone a faggot and then telling him that you’re having fun doing it… How is this a good business decision? I’m still on your side but you need to keep your temper in check. They have their livelihoods to make too.

      Also, you remember this?

      This is the article in which you flipped out on your coworkers. HOW IS THIS A GOOD BUSINESS DECISION?

      Putting down Shake Shack is not good ‘marketing.’ Think of all of their fans who will now boycott you because you crossed them.

      I would never approach you for chit-chat because, frankly, you come off as a very violent person and I would rather not be spat at in public by some guy on his high horse.

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        deanlo, youre right. i should have kept my temper in check. i agree with that 100%. but have you never said something you regretted? the only difference being that it did not end up in public. kenny has a wonderful ability of shifting the focus. i commend him on that. i certainly did not say i was having fun calling him any names. i did say that i was having fun with the situation. but of course, he made it seem like i had fun calling him name. that is what i take issue with most. that in this medium, this immediate medium, things are taken out of context constantly and noone can do anything about it. Regarding the past situation with my employees that everyone keeps referencing, why not ask my employees what they thought of it and how they responded to it. You might be surprised. I know who I am, and if you truly wanted to know if the way Im being presented here by people who only want to attract eyeballs to their site (be it MidtownLunch or GrubStreet) is how I really am, find out. I gladly invite you to either Paradou for a glass of wine or Frites’N'Meats for a burger. After you meet me, post whatever you like. If you find me an ass, say that. If you find me to be something else, say that. I know I am far from perfect. All I ask is that if jusgement is passed that it be informed judgement. I think thats fair.

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      Whatever happened to gracious competition? In my industry, I may privately have issues with the people/quality of my competitors, but I keep my mouth shut in public forums. Your mere presence implies you think you have a superior or at least competitive product – if everyone thought Shake Shack was burger perfection, there’d be no reason to ever start another burger business.

      I don’t know you personally – all I know is your business through my trips to the truck and following the account on Twitter. Are you the one actually tweeting? If not, then I suppose I can’t directly blame you for the content of the Twitter feed, though I do assume you would have some oversight and would remove anything you directly disagreed with.

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        hello moriath. what business are you in, if I may ask? Ive spent close to 15 years in marketing and advertising. The marketing world is full of one product poking fun at another or clearly saying that they are better than the other. The Coke/Pepsi Taste Challenge being the most iconic example of this. If you read my complete post, you should have seen that I said I have incredible respect for Danny Meyer and everything he has done. I have been a customer of his since he first opened the Union Sq Cafe.
        I am the person who handles all the Tweets for Frites’N'Meats. Which Tweet did you particularly disagree with? Or do you simply find the fact that I do not behave in a way that you would approve to be what rubs you the wrong way. Like I said to deanlo, get to know the person before you take them out to the woodshed. If youre interested join me for a glass of wine. Im sure by the time were done, well be sharing laughs

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        Vadim – I’m in bargain book wholesale. We question why a book was ever published, why Christmas books are sent to us in January, complain about competitor’s practices and annoying customers. That’s not unique to us, but like I said, we do it all quietly. If we were a business that advertised ourselves more, we might mention that we have superior prices/books to Competitor X, but we would never publicly criticize them as being crap – which incidentally is the Tweet that finally got me to stop following you. August 12th “Howdy Burger Lovers! Were on Park Ave b/w 26th & 27th. U know whos got the primo Burger in the hood today & it aint the Crap Shack! C u soon” Non-douchey competitive marketing is your subsequent tweets saying that it’s too beautiful out to wait in line – that’s a valid Shake Shack criticism and an excellent way to promote a value you have that they don’t. Calling them crap just makes you look petty.

        Also, I’d like to suggest you go back and double check what rights the Constitution grants. You brought up freedom of speech in the comments here and when I checked your Twitter stream to find the offending tweet I saw you complaining about freedom of the press only applying to those who are loudest. Congress isn’t going to step in and dictate how we criticize each other on a blog. Freedom of the press means that Congress can’t shut down these blogs for being critical. It also means you are more than welcome to put your side out there and promote your version of events. What a wonderful country we live in, huh?

    • What exactly are your “methods”? Well that’s easy Vadim, read your post.

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        Youre so mysterious. Lol. Why provide any input when you can just point your finger and feel smug. Are you loco because of too much coco

      • Vadim, what i am referring to is that every time you feel you are crossed or wronged, you act in a hostile and what i would consider an immature manner (name calling? are we in 3rd grade? throwing food at someone?). Not to mention in a very public forum (twitter, your blog). If you were just anyone on the street, fine, you’re free to do what you please. But you’re a business owner. this reflects really poorly on you and your businesses. It really doesnt matter who is right or wrong, its just really unnecessary to take it to that level. That is what i’m referring to.

    • I know you as well as I can from having a few conversations with you while eating your food. At the time, you came off as a little abrasive but honestly in the type of business you’re in I couldn’t fault you at all. I for one am not cut out to do your job as my attitude in that environment would not be conducive to a growing business.

      So here is my problem with you, Vadim: This is the second “fight” you’ve been in. The first was with the Schnitzel and Things truck and now with Rickshaw. If you’ve been reading Midtownlunch at all you would know we really don’t like the food at Rickshaw, and we don’t have too many kind things to say about them. HOWEVER, they are nice people. They’re extremely nice in fact. And just because I don’t enjoy their food doesn’t mean I can’t give them a pat on the back for sticking it out in a cut-throat environment. Now, you on the other hand, are the opposite. I loved the burgers I got from you. No joke I thought they were delicious. But your attitude, frankly, is fucking terrible. Your first reaction to a delicate situation (I’m speaking specifically to after Rickshaw accused you of hurling racial epitaphs at them) was not to say “that didn’t happen.” Or “I’m sorry” (if it did). You responded with something like “they’re trying to take away from the actual issue.” Excuse me? At this point the issue has changed. You went from being the underdog with every right to be in the place that you had chosen to being a bigot who doesn’t deserve a dollar of our business.

      The difference between you and other businesses is a simple matter: the customer is always right. When other business are struggling in this economy to not only get NEW money (customers) coming in, but just simply to just KEEP the money (customers) they already have, you come out here guns blazing telling us none of us know what we’re talking about and we’re all wrong. Well Vadim, it looks like, judging by your comments here, that we weren’t so far off the truth weren’t we? You are a hot headed bigot and you’ve proven it in these forums. And yes, this is the forum where we can spout off under the cover of anonymity. However some of us can back our shit talking up. I am, how do you say, rather committed to powerlifting and would have no problem telling you all of this to you in person. HOWEVER, I’m also not one for fighting and frankly the idea of fighting over this is just stupid. But what is also stupid is the fact that you think just because this is the Internet that we’re all faceless losers who can’t stick up for ourselves in real life. I can. I would love to give you another chance. Hell I’d love to just sit down and talk through this whole shit show with you but I really don’t think, after all your years on this earth, that you have the capability to just calm down and think rationally about this. Its a shame too, because seriously, you do make a damn good burger. I’m not going to proof read this as I have to catch a train. Love you lots <3 Formz

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    Wow…what a hot head. Seriously, I knew nothing about this Vadim guy before this point. I registered just to write this comment because what I just read here is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Way to go dude…point proven. You are a douche.

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      Hi likestoeat. What exactly about my comments makes me a hothead? The fact that I respond to people who dont know me but find it easy to denigrate me behind this wall of anonymity. Is it that my comments were a bit sarcastic and unapologetic? What exactly is it that makes my comments stupid, and those written by people who dont know me, nor saw the situation that led to all of this, somehow more intelligent. If youre willing to bring it, you should be willing to get it. This, my friend is not a one way street. Freedom of speach works two ways. You (and thats a royal You) are all ready to jump on the wagon and beat up on anyone that is determined to be that days punching bag. Well, my friend, im not a puching bag that just hangs there getting pummelled. Nope. Not me. Would you jsut stand there while those that knew nothign about you dragged you through the mud. I hope not. Anyhow, like I said to the other folks here, if you want to know who I am, rather than how the shrieking banshees have made me out to be, I welcome that. Im happy to invite you to Paradou for a glass of wine and a chat. Anytime it works for you.

      • “walter, this isn’t a first amendment issue” – big lebowski

        just b/c you can speak, doesn’t mean you have to or should. in all honesty, and this is my humble opinion, the more you write/talk, the more it’s unbecoming.

        my advice, for whatever it’s worth, would be to stop talking and to just go about doing your business.

        on second thought, perhaps you enjoy all this attention…whether positive or negative. in that case, have at it.

  • Wow! I guess the customer is NOT always right.

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      Hey Hungry,how goes it? The customer is always right. If their comments are business related and not personal. If you dont like my burger. No problem. If we didnt cook it the way you want it. Next one is free. If we missed something. Next one is free. Despite what you may think and what the others here may think, I very much place customer service at the top of my list. Anyone who has ever dealt with me either at Paradou or Frites’N'Meats will confirm this. If youd like to confirm this, let me know.

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    Hey Vadim – if you want some PR/marketing consulting I’d be happy to help you out. It seems you’ve missed the key elements of online communication/customer service. Lemme know, I love burgers.

  • That’s a step in the right direction but honestly, I’m not the one you should be apologizing to. It should be the folks at Rickshaw. And they should apologize to you too because what they did was pretty lame.

    You guys have each other’s phone numbers and probably follow each other on twitter… I don’t see why these things can’t be worked out in advance somehow.

  • Hey Vadim,
    Why don’t you prove it. Next time somebody gets a bad burger, give them a new one immediately. Although, by the sounds of it, there may not be many more sold in the near future. Nobody screws with Shake Shack’s reputation. They have a huge loyal following that I am sure you wish you had. Maybe you should go back to your old job. You seem really proud of 15 years of deceiving the public.

  • First, I won’t go back to your truck because the one time I did go, you were taking a cigarette break, and I think that’s gross. Second, if your employees are ok with that email going around, it must be stockholm syndrome. Third, throwing Schnitzel is NEVER ok in my book. Fourth, as nystreetfood mentioned, it’s a Pink Floyd album cover with a cow, I like Pink Floyd and I like eating cows, think of me what you will.

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    Thinking Shake Shack’s burgers are inferior doesn’t give you to right to call them Crap Shack, in terms of one business to another.

    But that’s really besides the point. I’ve never been to FritsnMeats, and I was planning to. Now I’m just completely turned off by the rudeness of these comments, and how they are sarcastic and unapologetic. It just makes you sound mean and a person I never really want the pleasure to meet.

    If customer service was really high on your plate, you wouldn’t be contributing to this forum in such a negative way. Since anything you do does also reflect your business, inside and outside of your truck (online).

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