Rickshaw Dumpling Adds Option, Ups Prices

Rickshaw Dumplings has been tweeting about offering their dumpling sets in threes (instead of six of one kind), which allows for mixing and matching. Sounds fun, right? I went by the Times Square Kiosk to check it out and was surprised to find that the real story is that they’ve increased their prices. Yes, you can now get dumplings in sets of three, but it’ll run you $3.75! Six will now cost you $6.50 ($7.00 if you order duck), which is a $.50 increase. The good news is that the “Rickshaw regular” — six dumplings plus one side — remains $9.00 … but still, those are some mighty pricey dumplings.


  • Don’t do it!!!!! Rikshaw is vile and disgusting, not to mention ridiculously overpriced! No pumping rikshaw!

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    It really doesn’t matter the price – I wouldn’t feed their disgusting food to my dog!

  • Went once. Will never go back.

  • Good one Ceh! FERAL LUNCH! I have yet to make that happen! I am ashamed! That was such a good idea!!!! I am always on the lookout for squirrels at MSP!

    And I agree winnyc! Definitely wouldn’t eat that shiiitte for free, though sadly my dog would if i let her. But she’s a freakin pig who would eat bloody sanitary napkins if she could….

    • Goats, that’s funny about the squirrels in MSP. My wife is indigenous Indian from Brasil and they eat anything they can catch -including squirrel, armadillo, guinea pig, skunk, birds of all kinds and some other other strange animals with names unknown. And, they all don’t taste like chicken.

      • I want to try cuy! Badly! I just don’t want to kill a guinea pig on my own!

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if you found cuy at one of the Ecuadorean places along Roosevelt Ave. in Corona. Just sayin’. (If I knew of an area loaded with Peruvian joints, I’d direct you there.)

        Although I only saw it on one menu in Quito, who knows if you can get luckier here.

    • Goats, cuy tastes like dark chicken. My mother in law fooled me and told me it was chicken. I saw cuy asado in Flushing Meadow Park during Ecuador Day and Colombia Day. It was $15-$20 for the whole animal. Fare warning though the “muchachas” in the park may have you forgetting about eating cuy.

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    $1.25 for one dumpling? Go f*** yourself.

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    i like their soup when im sick, im not a fan of chunky soups and i am a fan of soups with noodles or dumplings in them and i havent found any better in the flatiron recently. sometimes i just need some clear soup with noodles. also i liked their chocolate sauce ball things they offer for dessert. i go to the one on 23rd street once in a blue moon. just so much hate for the place i thought id add a bit of nicety for them :(

  • this place is stupid.

  • White people unusually have really low standards for Asian food, this place must be really bad for yall to be angry.

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    That’s a lot of money for so few dumplings. Well, the more people there, the less people there will be at the good places.

    Carry on.

  • Satan, it is the worst food i’ve almost ever eaten, except for indian fare….I went once and took 2 bites of dumpling and a sip of their nasty watermelon drink and nearly puked in revulsion. I then tossed it in the trash, cursed at the workers for feeding me that swill and went next door to blimpie…

  • Why are people still eating here?
    I hope it means the lines to the street carts and wait times at BETTER eateries have gotten more efficient.

    • Aggressive marketing, including glowing interviews on television, equals a lot of casual dollars flowing their way. There are a lot of lazy people who will just eat somewhere because they saw it on TV, and a lot of lazy TV producers who will put a place on their show because it seems “quirky”.

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