Rickshaw Dumpling Kiosk Is Open Times Square

The finishing touches for the Rickshaw Dumpling kiosk in Times Square are happening now, but they are open for business! The menu should be pretty familiar to Midtown Lunch’ers, offering four regular dumpling options: the three varieties that the trucks have for $6.00 (classic pork, chicken & Thai basil and vegetarian edamame), plus Peking duck dumplings ($6.50). Standard sides are $3.00 each (chili sesame noodle salad, miso mini soup, crunchy Asian salad and chillin edamame). After they’ve mastered dumplings at the kiosk, they plan to start offering steamed buns as well.

The kiosk will open for lunch everyday at 11 a.m., but interestingly, an employee I spoke with said they’re also considering breakfast bun options in the future. Now that’s something I can truly get behind!

Rickshaw Dumplings, Broadway btwn 42nd-43rd Streets in Times Square


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