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This is the Last Week For Salume in Times Square

The magical Salume kiosk in Times Square that has disappeared and reappeared and even lowered the prices of their paninis over the last year seems to be down for the count. Eater reported yesterday that the kiosk will close on September 1. The brick and mortar location in Soho remains opened, although that is certainly out of bounds. Wonder if a new kiosk will replace it…

Salume’s Return Brings Lower Panini Prices, Gelato To Times Square

I was kidding when I suggested that Salume‘s return to Times Square could mean lower, more ML-friendly prices. I mean, who actually lowers prices? Ask, and ye shall receive, I guess. While passing by this week, I stopped to inspect the menu, and their “real Italian panini” are definitely cheaper than last summer. That, in and of itself, is good news. Even better? They’re also serving gelato!
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Salume Kiosk Reappears In Times Square

After having been missing in action for the past five months, the Salume Kiosk has reappeared in Times Square in the pedestrian walkway on 46th and Broadway, moving Snack Box back to their spot across the street. They’re not open yet, and I’m sure Times Square tourists will shell out $11 for a panini, but I’m interested to see if their return also brings an updated (more ML friendly) menu …

Salume’s Kiosk Can’t Take The Cold

The inevitable happened: it got cold. When the flimsy Salumè kiosk opened last summer, I wondered what would happen to them come winter. Well, here we are, and now that we’ve had a couple days of frigid weather, they appear to be wondering the same thing, because they’ve gone missing. But let me back up a sec.

On December 24, Salumè tweeted that their kiosk was moving due to the holiday festivities. That makes sense — the other kiosks also moved around a bit, too, as they did during Thanksgiving. But, while everyone else is back in their rightful spots (actually, Snack Box has moved down the block from 47th to 46th street, FYI), Salumè is nowhere to be found…

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Times Square Kiosks Have Temporarily Moved

Marco? The Salume and Nuchas kiosks are not in their regular spots today due to Thanksgiving goings-on in Times Square. In fact, there’s a massive tent spanning the width of the pedestrian area where Salume usually resides for a Frigidaire event starring chefs Anne Burrell and Jeffrey Zakarian. And, Nuchas was moved out of their spot due to parade prep. You can find both kiosks safe and sound just a few blocks north in the pedestrian area between 47th and 48th, and they will return to their regular locations after the Thanksgiving festivities are over.

Are Salume Kiosk’s Cheese Sandwiches Worth Ordering?

Part of what we do at Midtown Lunch is try the stuff you don’t want to and let you know if it’s worth your time. Enter the non-meat sandwiches at the Salume kiosk in Times Square. While checking whether Snack Box had opened (it had not), I passed by Salume this afternoon. I couldn’t help but wonder why in the world anyone would order off the vegetarian menu at a store that clearly prides itself on its authentic sliced and cured Italian meats.

So, I ordered two.

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Salume Serves “Real Italian Panini” in Times Square

The first of the four food kiosks in Times Square we told you about last month opened yesterday right in the middle of all the pedestrian foot traffic on Broadway near 45th Street. Salume is an outpost of an Italian sandwich shop in Soho. They claim to make real Italian panini, the likes of which New York has never seen.

As I was approaching it was hard to tell if there was a line for Salume or if that crowd of people were just tourists mindlessly gazing at themselves on the big Forever 21 advertisement. It was the latter. The only people at the Salume cart when I arrived were the workers and the management- who went on to tell me about the entire menu.

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Salume Kiosk is Now Open in Times Square: According to Eater, the Salume kiosk in Times Square that we told you about last month is now open.  Apparently the  menu features "their top ten best-selling paninis with two additional vegetarian options, at a twenty percent discount", delivered every hour by moped from their Soho location. Early adopters, let us know how it is.