Snack Box Opening Monday In Times Sq?


In August, the Times Square Alliance announced the first round of vendors who will have the opportunity to sell food from kiosks in Times Square. Salume was the first to open in September, and it looks like Snack Box is currently under construction at the 47th street end of the Times Square pedestrian mall. Here, we’re expecting American street food from the owners of Republic and BONDST. Gourmet hot dogs, milkshakes, espresso, bagels, muffins, etc will range in price from $1.50- $6.

Workers at the kiosk anticipate a Monday opening and, eying the caramel macchiatto in my hand, told me to expect “better coffee than Starbucks.”


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    Walked by today, not open yet, they were still taking measurements.

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    What is this ugly box about???!!!!! Is this how we should make Times Square more attractive??? Let’s get it together. Who thought of a freight container being turned into a box for selling “gourmet” food. Times Square Alliance….two words…..GREAT JOB!!!! As a New Yorker I’m totally embarrassed by such display.

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    I agree with the above comment. Is this what Times Square has become? A square cold metal box? Times Square is hot dog stands with the Sabrett umbrella. It’s breakfast carts where you can get coffee and a donut for $1.50. It’s street vendors selling souvenirs from tables. IT’S NOT A BIG METAL BOX THAT LOOKS LIKE IT FELL OFF THE BACK OF A TRUCK. Put it back where it was…THE FREIGHT YARD.

  • I had time to kill the other day, so I joined the tourists, grabbed a seat in “Bloomberg’s Beach” and enjoyed a coffee and a pumpkin Donut Plant donut. $5 for a donut and coffee. Coffee is $2, and the donut is $3. They do have the dulce du leche donut which is TO DIE FOR. I do not like donuts. But I ADORE donut plant. Dean and Deluca carry them as well sometimes, FYI.
    The coffee is not “better than Starbucks”, but is quite good. It is a mild Dunkin kinda coffee…I liked it. Starbucks can be bitter.

    I noticed they have “gourmet” hot dogs. Not sure what they consider “gourmet” but they are $3. I was told “they are beef!” eh hem. Ripoff.

    Too expensive to be a regular, but a good coffee break treat.

    • I would definitely agree with your review. While it may not be the most economical, it is great finding everything all in one spot at Snack Box. The food and coffee is good so I’d definitely consider going back. Especially considering other Times Square options.

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