Rickshaw, Salume & More Getting Kiosks in Times Sq.

Back in March the Times Square Alliance announced that they would be taking proposals from businesses who were interested in selling food from kiosks in the pedestrian area of Times Square, and today they announced the first four “winners”. Congrats to Salume (panini from the Soho restaurant of the same name), Snack Box (an espresso bar with gourmet hot dogs and milkshakes from the owner of Republic and Bond St.), Nuchas (an Argentine empanada stand), and Rickshaw Dumplings.¬†Construction on the first stand (Salume) begins tomorrow, and it should open by mid september with the others to follow. ¬†We know what we’re getting with Rickshaw, and Salume is supposed to be really good (although a bit expensive by Midtown Lunch standards.) I guess we’ll just have to wait and try it before deciding if we’re looking at completely overpriced tourist crap, or a few decent new lunch options in the already starved area of Times Square.


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