Salume’s Return Brings Lower Panini Prices, Gelato To Times Square

I was kidding when I suggested that Salume‘s return to Times Square could mean lower, more ML-friendly prices. I mean, who actually lowers prices? Ask, and ye shall receive, I guess. While passing by this week, I stopped to inspect the menu, and their “real Italian panini” are definitely cheaper than last summer. That, in and of itself, is good news. Even better? They’re also serving gelato!

I went with the Pistachio Sicilano, made from Bronte pistachios from Sicily. Smooth and creamy, the gelato was divine. I might have been hallucinating, but the pistachio flavor was so prominent that I found myself actually picturing the nuts in my head while eating this cold treat. The drawback? The price. At $4.75 for one scoop, this is clearly an indulgence.

Back to the sandwiches, I’m pretty sure the menu items are the same or similar to last summer. If you remember, Brian posted last year about the paninis hovering at $11 each, which was a ripoff. Now, they’re offering sandwiches in two sizes: large sandwiches go for $7-$8, and the small size is half price. Not bad. Not sure it’s enough to get me hooked regularly, but the effort has not gone unnoticed.

Salume Kiosk, Broadway and 45th Street in Times Square


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