Salume Kiosk is Now Open in Times Square

According to Eater, the Salume kiosk in Times Square that we told you about last month is now open.  Apparently the  menu features “their top ten best-selling paninis with two additional vegetarian options, at a twenty percent discount”, delivered every hour by moped from their Soho location. Early adopters, let us know how it is.


  • Saw it yesterday on my way home. It’s right next to all the tourists waving at that retarded Forever 21 sign.

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    I walked by around 11:45 and they were still shuttered, unless they want you to walk past the flaps.

  • I tried Salume at their downtown Soho location. Good quality ingredients but expensive for small sized sandwiches.

  • I went over there at around ten to 2 today. They didn’t have any sandwiches, said they would arrive in about 5 minutes; which they did(though they came in a blue minivan, not via moped) As much as I would love to dismiss it as a gimmick; the San Daniele was a really good sandwich, albeit pricy at $11. The bread was crispy and fresh, there was a fair amount of prosciutto, and the cheese and fennel worked really well, mayonnaise was not overwhelming. The sandwiches came in what looked like a large pizza sleeve on plastic sheets, and were warmed quickly in a little oven, then wrapped in aluminum foil.

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