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Snack Box Inches Down Broadway: Snack Box, one of the Times Square kiosks, has moved once again. This time, the shipping container has claimed the spot formerly belonging to the Salume kiosk that disappeared from Broadway between 45th and 46th in January. I guess that doesn't bode well for Salume's return ...

Snack Box Is Back: Snack Box, which was shuttered by the DOH in January, is once again open in Times Square. Although they're still not graded, the most recent inspection revealed they reduced their violation points down to just two (from a whopping 66), so even if you don't like the food you have to be impressed by their ability to clean up.

Snack Box Shuttered By the DOH

When winter arrived and temperatures dropped a bit, the Times Square Salume kiosk went missing. I just assumed that Snack Box went the same route, since the shipping container has been closed with no signs of activity (or explanation, for that matter!) for the past few weeks. I was wrong. Turns out they were shuttered by DOH on January 30 for 66 violation points! There were signs of life this morning, though, which is how I caught a glimpse of their yellow DOH sign that is posted in the window of their display case, not on the outside of the container. Sneaky move!

Snack Box Now Offers Lobster Rolls

Let me start out by saying that if you ever come across a lobster roll in New York City that is within the Midtown Lunch budget, you should proceed with extreme caution.  Urban Lobster Shack once had $10 specials, but they’re $11 now in Midtown and now the Snack Box is doing something pretty close, offering lobster rolls in Times Square for $11.75. For those keeping score, Luke’s Lobster Truck and Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck both come in at $16, so Snack Box’s version could be  a real game-changer in Midtown West.

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Snack Box Serves NYC Street Food In Times Square

The shipping container that is Snack Box is finally open for business in Times Square. The menu is described as “American street food,” from the owners of Republic and BONDST. What does that mean? You can get hot dogs, pastries, pretzels, coffee, etc that are pretty commonplace from the ubiquitous carts around town … but here, they’re all in one spot, and most likely a little cleaner than the dirty water dog guys, if you care about that sort of thing.

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Snack Box Opens Today In Times Square

Although we were told Snack Box would open Monday, Times Square passers-by saw Snack Box in various stages of “opening” yesterday afternoon. Busy staffers promised they should be all set today. Although we have yet to see a menu, the display case housed an abundance of pastries yesterday, including doughnuts that the New York Times reported are from the Doughnut Plant (hello, breakfast!). We are anxious to see the rest of the menu … early adopters, let us know how it goes today!