Snack Box Shuttered By the DOH

When winter arrived and temperatures dropped a bit, the Times Square Salume kiosk went missing. I just assumed that Snack Box went the same route, since the shipping container has been closed with no signs of activity (or explanation, for that matter!) for the past few weeks. I was wrong. Turns out they were shuttered by DOH on January 30 for 66 violation points! There were signs of life this morning, though, which is how I caught a glimpse of their yellow DOH sign that is posted in the window of their display case, not on the outside of the container. Sneaky move!


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    Oh dear.

    I’ve had an awful lot of Doughnut Plant treats from this place because it was mighty convenient when you don’t want to trek down to Chelsea or the LES.


  • I noticed that Salume disappeared just before Christmas. I’m not sure if anybody cared, but it was not to not have it in the way.

    I didn’t post about it because I wasn’t sure if it moved to a part of Times Square that I didn’t see.

  • I think “signs of life” is why it was shuttered in the first place.

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    Actually plumbing.

    ( I like to check the DOH site, if there are any “signs of life” I never go back )

    Funny you’d think that Times Square would have figured out the plumbing issue for the vendors. This is as big a black eye on them as the booth.

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