Rickshaw Dumpling on Lex is Now Open

Rickshaw Dumpling

Don’t know how we forgot to mention this… but the Rickshaw Dumpling storefront on Lex and 45th opened a few weeks ago. The first day I passed by, I noticed a line out the door and wanted no part of the commotion.  The second time, I was able to snag a shot and a menu…

Rickshaw's Menu

It appears to be the same menu as their Flatiron location, and if you include tax, it’s about the same price as stuff brought from their truck.  Everything is under $10, with any real deal being that you can nine dumplings for $8. They do boast that six dumplings are under 300 calories which means it can sustain you through your lunch hour at least. Also, they do have delivery with a $15 minimum.

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, corner of Lexington and 45th Street, (212) 461-1750


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    Does the brick and mortar location cook its dumplings in the same tepid dishwater that the truck uses to turn out tasteless, gelatinous lumps? Great!

    I wonder if six dumplings are under 300 calories because after you eat two of them you throw the others away?

  • I’m not impressed by their dumplings. Some flavors are interesting. Worth the 8.75 after taxes for 9 dumps? Not in my opinion. I rather eat something else better.

  • Thanks for reminding me not to go here.

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    These folks have been around for so long, and the dumplings are so bad, why don’t they take a little time to improve their production process. They keep trying branches and truck, and I guess, they prosper purely on the branding, which is slick and smart. BUT a few dollars will get you better dumplings at almost any local, cheap Chinese joint.

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    I work by here, and there is ALWAYS a huge line at lunch time. I’m not a huge fan, but for the customer they’re going after, they’re perfect– most of my friends would never step foot in Chinatown, but want to be “foodies”. And the calorie thing is a HUGE attraction for them as well. *shrugs* Whatever floats your boat, I guess!

  • So they dumplings are terrible, but at least they won’t fill you up at lunch? Genius!

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    I like to go to Rickshaw mostly when I need to relieve myself, great place to do your “other” business.I highly recommend their restrooms, a Michelin top rated.

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    Tried their dumplings a few years ago out of curiosity. Once was enough. Pretty sure I had the brick & mortar or just felt like I did.

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    Despite a warning from a co-worker, I went and tried it anyway. Pork buns were like strange wilted tacos. Dumplings were terrible, but I saw the Sriracha bottles in the window and had to try. The sauce was the best part of the whole experience and not at all worth $11.

    Why are all of these people standing in line?

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    Cold, bland, overpriced and you couldn’t even mix&match the flavors. Szechuan Chicken came with some watered down sauce that was little more than hotsauce.

    Anyone who could frequent this place must have dull or inactive tastebuds.

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