Fox News: Food Trucks Are Great… Unless They’re Parked in Front of Our Building

Photo courtesy of Lunch’er “Shavon”

Reports are pouring in from 48th and 6th, where apparently the Schnitzel & Things Truck is being asked to leave by the cops. From Lunch’er “Joseph”:

Cops told the Schnitzels people that once they were done serving people in line, they had to close up. Apparently (according to the owner), it was because Fox was complaining about the truck being in their space.

I see. So trucks are an exciting new trend, and a commendable small business… until the cameras are turned off. 48th and 6th… isn’t that the same spot Fox News does all their “street trucks are great!” interview pieces?

Why yes, it is. I guess they should have sent a free box of schnitzel up to the TV crew…

UPDATE: Just talked to Oleg, and despite complaints from Fox about illegal parking and littering the cops found that the Schnitzel & Things truck was doing nothing wrong.  So they are being allowed to stay.  Go get your schnitzel on!


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