‘Wichcraft Launches Four New Summer Sandwiches

Aspargus Frittata

Yesterday ‘wichcraft added four seasonal summer sandwiches and a salad to their menu, and officially put us on notice for their BLT’s return to the rotating menu. The summer sandwiches include an asparagus frittata, roasted chicken with broccoli raab, marinated zucchini with mozzarella, and smoked ham & Cheddar. I stopped by to try out a few of the new items and found that at least one is a hangover cure-all.

Aspargus Frittata

I know that ‘wichcraft isn’t necessarily the best place in Midtown to find a complete satisfying lunch for under $10, they are known to come out with some good sandwiches (hello, grilled gruyere). I arrived slightly starved with eyes bigger than my stomach, and convinced myself that ordering two sandwiches wouldn’t be so weird. Since I’ve been on an egg kick lately, the asparagus frittata with English peas and melted Cheddar was very appealing. The crusty ciabatta roll it’s served on does a very good job of keeping all the contents inside the roll, plus it helps that cheese is melted on both sides of the frittata. The asparagus and peas added a healthier feel, along with a bit of crunch from the asparagus. But this is by no means a healthy sandwich, and I most certainly ate the entire thing. At $6.65, it’s an upscale version of an egg and cheese on a roll, and would be perfect for any hangover lunch, especially if you’re the type that can’t stomach anything until the afternoon.

Chicken with Broccoli Raab
I was less impressed by the Roasted Free-Range Chicken also on Ciabatta. The chicken was fantastic and juicy, with a few little crunchy skin bits. The pickled pepper relish brought some spice, while the aioli added some moisture since no chicken could be moist enough to hold up to doughy ciabatta. I was lost with grilled broccoli raab (not to mention the $9.87 price tag). Mine was overcooked and had turned bitter rendering the sandwich edible, but not enjoyable. Maybe when it’s cooked perfectly, it’s better. It is nice to see ‘wichcraft adding a spicy element, something you rarely see there.

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    So I went to wichcraft today to try the frittata sandwich b/c it look appealing on this post. I was really disappointed. I know they heated the frittata first and then put it back in to melt the cheese but the middle of the frittata was still kinda of cold. I tasted no peas or onions as was in the description. The egg was totally lack luster and tasteless and the asparagus really didn’t add much to it. Even the cheese didn’t bring anything to the table. I do think they have tasty sandwiches at wichcraft but this was a bust. I did end up getting a free iced tea just by being in the right place at the right time so that a was bonus.

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