Time is Running Out for ‘wichcraft’s Delicious BLT


BLTs are in season at ‘wichcraft, but as the heirloom tomatoes begin disappearing from the green markets, so to will these sandwiches disappear from the ‘wichcraft menu. My partner in crime, Blondie, is a huge fan of the ‘wichcraft BLT–in fact she’s the one who reminded me that they were available–but despite her tummy rumble inducing post about them from two summers ago, I haven’t had a chance to try their BLT until this year. Could ‘wichcraft’s sandwich possibly stand up to expectations?

I’ll say it here, I like ‘wichcraft. As far as chainlets go, in my opinion they make tasty soups and sandwiches. But I’m a cheap-o and as much as I enjoy a good sandwich, I also have a hard time shelling out serious bread for one. This is part of what has kept me from trying the ‘wichcraft BLT ($9.75). But I can only resist bacon’s siren song for so long, for I am weak…

wichcraft BLT

Arriving late in the day to the location under Rock Center, I got the second to last BLT. Each ‘wichcraft location only has a certain amount of tomatoes on any given day and when they’re out of tomatoes they are out of BLTs (makes sense, but for those of you who eat late in the day, keep this in mind). The sandwiches are served on country bread with bacon, lettuce, green market tomatoes and aioli. When I got my sandwiches I was a little surprised at the amount of bacon. It doesn’t look like a lot of bacon, but there are actually 4 slices here (if you look hard you can see it hiding between the lettuce and tomato). If you love thick cut bacon you might be a little disappointed, but you do get a good bacon flavor.

‘wichcraft prepares their sandwich by toasting the bread on one side and serving it with the untoasted side on the outside–interesting and it keeps the tomato from getting the bread too soggy. If you are looking for a bacon-spolsion or a bacon bomb, you can give this sandwich a pass. But if you are in the mood for a good quality BLT and don’t mind spending a little extra, the ‘wichcraft version is a worthy splurge especially since they come but a few weeks in the summer.

For those of you who order online, the sandwich is oddly listed on their site under “cool sandwich” options. The lady at the store couldn’t tell me how long they would have the BLTs for, but suspected that they would be vanishing from the menu soon. Rock Center denizens, you can use your Rock Center Privilege Card to get 10% off this sandwich (for the record, I’ve never had a problem just asking for the Rock Center discount when I’ve forgotten my card).

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  • looks awfully cold in there.

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    Relax, this is probably the easiest sandwich to make at home. Pick up a really good heirloom tomato and you don’t even need the bacon or aioli. Just toast white bread, spread mayo while it’s still hot, layer the tomato and add salt. Best tasting sandwich IMO.

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