‘wichcraft BLTs Are Back as of Yesterday

Blondie's BLT

‘wichcraft. BLT. Yesterday marked the heralded return of this perennial Midtown Lunch favorite, ($9.87 according to leaked ‘wichcraft internal memos) and I believe it may warrant a visit to one of their locations to see if it has held its pedigree. With droughtlike conditions covering prime tomato-growing areas and the tomato season barely having begun (at least as far as the big beautiful ones you can get in Jersey and greenmarkets) it remains to be seen if the quality can stand up to their long-standing record of thick cut heritage bacon, heirloom tomatoes, homemade aioli, and non-iceberg lettuce.

Does this simple American classic merit the top-of-the-ML-range pricing for the sandwich alone, or does it scrape nostalgia from our wallets like so many veins of silver? Only way to find out is to dodge the swarms of tourists around your friendly local ‘wichcraft and avoid the bacon hipsters as they descend upon the limited-time offering.


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