‘wichcraft Introduces Daily Specials, Starts New Seasonal Menu Today

‘wichcraft‘s new seasonal menu begins today. They’re serving the roasted chicken sandwich ($9.64) with tuscan kale, cannellini puree and mozzarella on grilled country bread. I’m happy to see the meatloaf sandwich is back on the menu too with tomato relish, bacon and aged cheddar served on ciabatta ($9.87). Of course there must be a frittata, and the new one includes pancetta, roasted tomatoes, rosemary and aged cheddar on a ciabatta roll ($6.89). And, the veggie option is a sweet potato sandwich on grilled country bread with black olives, basil, goat cheese and mozzarella ($7.35). In additional to the new seasonal items, ‘wichcraft will now offer daily specials as well. No word on the price for those, but I’m going to go ahead and assume they’ll be at the top end of their $7-$10 range.

‘wichcraft, multiple locations

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