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Broadway Bakes Brings Stage Stars to Schmackary’s


Over the past few days, those of you who popped into Schmackary’s (45th btw 8th+9th) for an afternoon cookie or coffee may have noticed a familiar face behind the counter or possibly even a short song and dance. Literally. Because all this week Broadway stars and yes, even some Tony nominees/winners have been slinging sweets for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Half of the sales and all of the tips this week will be donated to the charity, which “awards annual grants to more than 450 Aids and family service organizations nationwide and is the major supporter of the social service programs at The Actors Fund including the HIV/AIDS initiative, the Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative and the Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic.” We’ve got the rundown of who’s serving today, tomorrow and Saturday afternoon (seriously, today’s 3-5pm lady is one of biggest names around!)

The first three days have been filled with Tony winners including three 2014 nominees yesterday alone (sorry, Brian J. Smith, Lena Hall and Audra McDonald fans!), but here’s the schedule so you don’t miss any more.

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Schmackary’s Funfetti Cookie is Irresistable

The Schmackary’s Funfetti cookie launched last month, and since then I haven’t been to the store without purchasing one. I mean, look at it, how can it not make your day at least 20% better? Rainbow sprinkles, vanilla and cream cheese frosting make up this playful-looking and deliciously sweet cookie. Really, that cream cheese frosting is the kicker. Schmackary’s, you’ve done it again!

Schmackary’s, 362 W 45th St (btw. 8+9th). 646-801-9866

Buy One Get One Free Cookie: If you've been meaning to try Schmackery's, the coffee and cookie story on 45th btw. 8+9th, here's a good reason to finally do it.  Google Offers has a deal for buy one get one free cookies.  No word on whether on whether or not that counts the schmackeroons.

Schmackary’s Does Unbelievable “Schmackaroons”

Schmackary’s didn’t do so hot in the 2012 Readers’ Poll for desserts, which was disappointing to me, because it’s at the top of my list for cookies around Times Square. In addition to fulfilling your cookie fix, though, there are plenty other options in their arsenal of sweets, including “Schmackaroons,” or coconut macaroons with the Schmackary’s twist. Usually $3 each, and without discounts when bought in bulk, the Schmackaroons don’t come cheap. But, on Tuesdays Schmackary’s treats Schmackaroons like cookies. Instead of $3, they are the price of cookies (pricing structure in this post), and if you buy more than one, the price per Schmackaroon is reduced. So, I purchased a cookie and a Schmackaroon and forked over $5, the price of two cookies.
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Where To Get Your Pumpkin Fix In Midtown

I love pumpkin, and I get really excited during this time of year when seasonal pumpkin dishes start popping up on menus. Yet, if there is one thing I can’t stand, it is the pumpkin spice latte. It makes me nuts when Starbucks declares that they have the seasonal drink in stores (which was months ago, by the way — waaaaay too early for my pumpkin cravings), and people get so excited. Every couple of years I think to myself, “Self, you should give that drink another shot — it can’t be that bad if everyone and their mother is excited.” And then, half a second after the first sip, I think to myself, “Self, it can’t possibly taste this way on purpose, can it?!” It is coffee for people who hate coffee and clearly don’t understand the nuances of the pumpkin.

Now that that is off my chest, let’s talk about some of the wonderful pumpkin dishes Midtown is currently offering, for when you get that pumpkin craving.

Pumpkin Muffin from Le Pain Quotidien

If you’re looking for pumpkin for breakfast, Le Pain Quotidien does a very nice pumpkin muffin ($2.85). I am especially a fan of the pumpkin seeds on top — they add a textural contrast and sweetness to balance the spices inside the muffin.

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Corn Cookie Showdown: Milk Bar vs. Schmackary’s

Momofuku Milk Bar’s cookies used to top my list for funky cookie creations in Midtown, but then Schmackary’s burst onto the scene earlier this year and stole my heart. These two spots each have their own unique cookie combos, but I recently realized that they have something in common: the corn cookie. Well, there’s a clear way to make a comparison — let’s give it a shot.
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Schmackary’s Is Back Open After Weekend Fire

Yikes. Schmackary’s tweeted yesterday (although, oddly, the tweet seems to have been deleted) that they were closed after a fire broke out in the wall between their storefront and 5 Napkin burger. Cookie lovers, don’t worry — they’re back in business now (on what happens to be their two month anniversary!)

Trying Out More Goodies from Schmackary’s


You know that I had to stop working on the book and trek across town to try out the new bakery Schmackary’s (45th btw 8th+9th) after reading Rachel’s report. Even if it is slightly out of bounds–it is in an area that doesn’t have many bakery options and I was hearing very good things. I stopped by for my lunch, picking up two treats ($5) and a latte ($3.35). Since I judge bakeries on their classic chocolate chip cookie, I picked up theirs along with their peanut butter cup. It was a home run on both accounts.

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Schmackary’s Is Definitely A Reason To Go Out Of Bounds

Schmackary’s has officially become my new favorite place to get cookies since the Treats Truck left Midtown. They just opened a couple weeks ago, and in my first visit, I was going to get something pretty standard, like chocolate chip, to be able to properly judge based on familiarity. But, apparently I’m really attracted to buttercream frosting, because instead I went with cookies covered in it. And, it’s amazing, by the way.
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