At Lunch Now: Five Guys on 34th is Now Open

When does this ever happen!?! A few weeks ago we reported that the new Five Guys on 34th St. btw. 8+9th would be opening on October 2nd, and what do you know… it’s open. Thanks to Lunch’er Vivien for the heads up.

I Still Think Five Guys is Awesome, But I’ll Try Not to Compare it to In N Out Burger


  • WOW, I am so pleased that our FIVE GUYS has come to New York City to share the experience of a great hamburger, at a reasonable price, without all the bullshit Black Label hype.

    My friends in NYC deserve a decent burger at an affordable price.

    Carrion, please.

  • I wanted 5Gs burger near my office/not this new loc but decided to pass on it.

    Anyone enjoy the food and service here??

  • It wasn’t open on Oct 2nd, or Oct 3rd.

  • Their fries are truly awesome……

  • Mamacita had 5 Guys last night

    3 of them made lame excuses for leaving, the other 2 did the walk of shame this morning

  • I just finished my lunch there. A few comments: Burger was great. Good value on an Everything or “All the way” but so many toppings sorta drowned the tase of the meat. Still, tasted great.

    The Cajun Fries are awesome. No nee dot get the large as the regular overflowed big time and my bag was 1/2 full of loose fries.

    Very well organized. At height of lunchtime today (12:45) there were 6 people in front of me on line when I walked in. 1 minute wait to order, 3 minute wait to pick up food. Nicely done.

    I work off 37th and 8th and I think this neighborhood is the best in the city for burgers: Shake Shack, Five Guys, Schnippers and Burgers & Cupcakes.

    • Just came back from there- $13 for burger fries and soda is not a great value. Had Schnippers the other day, they’re ok. B&C- haven’t had in over a year, but I remember it being good burger and fries- too many fries for 1 person, though. Haven’t had Shake Shack ¥et, but think I may be disappointed. Although it will come out to $20 with tip for burger, fries and drink, my choice is Houndstooth Pub. Thick, juicy, tasty burger. Seems like you enjoy the thin patties, though.

      • I’m with ya stenro. I’ll take a pub burger any day over these overhyped burger joints (Burger Joint, 5 Guys, etc). Shake Shack was actually not too bad, and a different burger than either 5G/BJ (The SS burger is pretty different than the others. It has a nice/interesting crust than your usual fast food burger).

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        Thanks Stenro for the compliment. Houndstooth Pub !! We totally agree. You just earned yourself a free burger !!

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