SHOCKER: Prince Deli is Closed For Good


You would think that in this current economic climate, a place that served decent falafel and 99 cent pizza would be thriving… but apparently that is not the case. A tipster just forwarded us this photo from the Prince Deli (on 3rd Ave. btw. 43+44th), along with this note:

Just went to get a falafel for lunch from the Prince Deli and it is closed. Newspaper over the windows and handwritten sign on the door (see attached photo). Have you heard if it is for good or just temporary? Not the nicest place but the falafel was good and cheap and it was a second 99 cent pizza place in the area. –Andrew

Phone call confirms it: gone for good. I guess its “Best Falafel” nomination came just a little too late. No word on what will be taking over the space, but if the guy who answered the phone is the owner, than the new place is going to be run by a giant dick. (He hung up on me twice after I asked what would be taking over the location.)


  • This is a terrible loss. We need more 99-cent pizza joints!

  • This place’s pizza was awful but the falafel was not bad. Much worse than 99 cent pizza, which isn’t that great to begin with.

  • *crying* but I love 99 cent pizza….

    So Zach, you’re saying this place is going to change into a weiner shop.

  • It’s just sausage sausage sausage with you young lady,isn’t it?

  • There’s still a new-ish dollar pizza place (not midtown) on 6th Ave between 17th/18th streets. As a bonus, they have dollar chicken pieces and sides that are pretty good. ($2 for jerk chicken, $1.50 for pepperoni slice.)

  • Run by a giant dick? Does that mean the counter will be manned by … giant … nuts?

  • They had decent kebabs there too. Oh well

  • Did someone ay……N U T S ?

    I will be GLAD to bite your nuts off. Especially *TWITCH* McBeagle’s

  • I was just over at the Commerce…err…TD Bank branch across the street from Prince and noticed there’s a for rent sign up above the deli as well.

  • i only ate bacon egg and cheese’s from this place so i cant comment on their pizza or anything else, but the breakfast sandwiches were solid. on top of that they didnt charge tax for a while so that was a place. an occasional stop on my way to work, i will be bummed to no longer see it, though im a little anxious to see what takes its place.

  • I’ve been eating at the Prince Deli for years. Originally, they were on the eastern side of Third Avenue, but a few years ago they moved across to the western side of the street.

    The staff there were always very friendly. They also had surprisingly good middle eastern food, including excellent falafel.

    Their 99 cent pizza was pretty good considering the price.

    I am very sad that they are out of business. It is a big loss for the midtown lunch crowd.

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