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Prince Grill Opening Today: Last month we told you that the Prince Deli was returning to Midtown as the Prince Grill one avenue east of its old location.  Well, we're hearing today is the day the new Prince Grill is opening on 45th and 2nd.  No word on whether or not they will have $1 pizza again, but they do promise "authentic Lebanese specialties" including their famous falafel.

Prince Deli Returning as Prince Grill

New Prince Grill

When Prince Deli (formerly on 3rd btw 43rd+44th) closed in late 2008, we were pretty upset to lose their cheap and tasty falafel.  (Their 99 Cent pizza?  Not so much.) Well, good news for cheap falafel fans… we just got word that Prince Grill, a new spot set to open on the NW corner of 45th and 2nd, is actually from the owners of the Prince Deli. And the falafel will be back! As for the 99¢ pizza? With all the new places that have opened up in the past two years, they’re going to need to step up their game .

SHOCKER: Prince Deli is Closed For Good


You would think that in this current economic climate, a place that served decent falafel and 99 cent pizza would be thriving… but apparently that is not the case. A tipster just forwarded us this photo from the Prince Deli (on 3rd Ave. btw. 43+44th), along with this note:

Just went to get a falafel for lunch from the Prince Deli and it is closed. Newspaper over the windows and handwritten sign on the door (see attached photo). Have you heard if it is for good or just temporary? Not the nicest place but the falafel was good and cheap and it was a second 99 cent pizza place in the area. –Andrew

Phone call confirms it: gone for good. I guess its “Best Falafel” nomination came just a little too late. No word on what will be taking over the space, but if the guy who answered the phone is the owner, than the new place is going to be run by a giant dick. (He hung up on me twice after I asked what would be taking over the location.)

Falafel and 99 Cent Pizza at the Prince Deli


DSC00177 I admit it.  This post should have been done a long time ago.  And I don’t have an excuse. I’ve walked by the Prince Deli (on 3rd Ave. btw. 43+44th) so many times in the past two years, and never once have I pulled the trigger.  Admittedly, I usually hate generic Midtown delis like this, but the Prince has two things going for it. 1) 99 Cent Pizza.  How can you not?  And 2) a falafel sandwich that was touted by the New York Daily News as “the best in the neighborhood.”  The article has proudly hung in the storefront for awhile now (although there is no date on it, so lord knows how long ago this was written.)

Anyway, I finally took the plunge last week, testing out their two signature dishes.  Read more »