Crisp Has Closed Its 3rd Ave. Location

Got some bad news from a couple of tipsters at the end of last week. Gourmet falafel chain Crisp has closed it’s 3rd Ave. location (btw 43rd+44th). According to the sign seen above, their lease is up and they’ve chosen not to renew it. Sure, their falafel was overpriced, but some of their more inventive offerings were pretty damned good (I personally enjoyed the Africa), and it was one of the only places I know of that let you add french fries inside your sandwich. Their location on West 40th is still open, but they’ll be missed over on 3rd.


  • This one and the one on Broadway/32nd… Makes me wonder if they’re going by the wayside altogether.

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    I often wonder what the business model is for some of these places. It seems to me that they would do better by bringing their price point down and doing higher volume. What I mean is…I used to go to Bread and Olive. They had a decent 5 dollar falafel sandwich. They raised the price to 6 and I stopped going. I noticed when I walked by that it was significantly less busy in there. I wondered….do they realize that by increasing the price by a dollar (as silly as it sounds) they probably lost more money than they gained by the price increase? Now they are out of business. I don’t run a food business but it interests me.

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