What’s Your Favorite Lenten Lunch?

Inside Kim's Aunt Fried Fish Sandwich

Today is the first Friday of Lent, which for many practicing Catholics means no meat. For the past few years I’ve rounded up some Lenten faves. Check out a few of my top picks after the jump.

Fried Whiting Sandwich from Kim's Aunt

I can’t observe Lent without at least one visit to Kim’s Aunt for their awesome, enormous fried fish sandwiches. Though the sandwiches have crept up in price to $4-5, they are still a great value and super flavorful.

Cod Schnitzel from Schnitzel and Things
Ain’t no schnitz like fish schnitz (at least during Lent). You can get this from Schnitzel & Things in sandwich form ($8.50) or as a platter ($9.95).

Fried Oyster Po' Boy from the Oyster Bar

If you love fried seafood, Grand Central’s Oyster Bar is a must hit lunch spot. Fried Oyster Po’ Boy? Yes, please!

I’m on the look out for new Lenten lunches. Got any suggestions for fish or veg lunches worth trying? Let us know in the comments!


  • Whoa, how do you make a Lent Lunch List (go ahead, you can use that) without mentioning the Shark ‘n Bake at Trini Paki Boys?

    To quote….someone, it’s like the best filet-o-fish you ever had. But that Aunt Kim’s sandwich looks damn good too.

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    Maybe it is too long since I had eaten it, but I dont remember the fish sandwich at Aunt Kims being so enormous, I remember is being kinda small/medium.

    It is also just mediocre, the fish is never crispy by the time you get back to your desk.

    If you had wanted the greatest street fish, you would have had to visit the 2 asian ladies who had a cart on 50th st for about a month before being run off by Halal Mafia. They gave you a HUGE fish filet covered in panko. It was the best non-beer battered fried fish I have ever eaten.


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    I also want to say.. Go to Don Antonio and get one of their non-meat pizzas or panninis. They are awesome.

  • Any pub or retaurant in midtown area that has great fish and chips? I am at Park and 53rd.

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    Does he even sell the shark and bake anymore, everytime I’ m there he never has it (even though the chalkboard always highlights it).

  • Kim’s Aunt, flounder on whole wheat, awesome

  • Rafiqi’s on 39th and 5th Ave has tilapia over rice for only $5 !

  • Did you know that you’re allowed to eat beaver on no-meat days? True story.

  • Kim’s Aunt cart is my go to Good Friday lunch.

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