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Roll & Go Serves One of the 5 Worst Slices in NYC: Remember Roll & Go, the sushi place on 38th & 8th that started serving $1 pizza back in March?  Well apparently we were smart to avoid it.  Fork in the Road named their teriyaki pizza one of the 5 worst slices in NYC yesterday, adding that the place itself is somehow worse than it looks.

Roll and Go Looking to Compete With 2 Bros?

When Roll and Go (38th and 8th) opened a few months ago, it seemed like the kind of place I usually avoid. I’m of the opinion that if you’re serving shawarma and pizza alongside made-to-order sushi rolls, chances are none of it is all that good. Jack of a few trades, master of none. And if adding $1 pizza to your menu months after you open is an indication that business isn’t going so great, than clearly I’m not the only one who isn’t interested in $5.45 tuna rolls. In a move clearly meant to poach business from compete with the 2 Bros. across the street, Roll and Go has by started selling $1 slices of pizza. Can they make a dent in the $1 pizza empire’s business? Only time will tell (we doubt it).

Pizza Price Wars Heat Up As Ray’s Intros 75 Cent Slice

Roll And Go Sushi Coming Soon


Passed by this on 8th ave and 38th and thought I’d share this with y’all. It’s still in plywood but they finally put up the signage for Roll and Go, and there’s a sign on the window saying they’re hiring sushi chefs… sooooo I’m assuming this is referring to sushi rolls. Is this just going to be just another generic Midtown sushi place? Or could it possibly be something worthwhile? Will it be in the $10 ML price range? Only time will tell.