Pizza Price Wars Heat Up As Ray’s Intros 75 Cent Slice

Remember the 99 Fresh Pizza location that opened a few months ago on Broadway?  Well, it looks like they’re already wreaking havoc on the area slice shops.  From Lunch’er Jesse:

Ray’s between 54th and 55th street on Broadway must be feeling the heat from the recently opened 99 cent pizza shop across the street. They’ve unveiled 75 cent slices and a 99 cent menu. It’s for a limited time only (naturally).

Check out the full “temporary” 99 cent menu after the jump…

Ray’s Pizza, 1710 Broadway (btw. 54+55th), 646-600-9291


  • Since this is around the corner from my apartment I’ve got 2 comments.

    #1 – About time. This Rays(and all Rays in the area as far as I know) have refused to sell a plain slice for years. They always made giant, multi-topping monstrosities and charged an arm and a leg for them.

    #2 – that 99-cent Fresh Pizza is actually really good (for the price). I have no doubt they will win this fight (and the other day when 10 people were crowded into 99CFP while only 2 sad tourists sat in Rays will back me up on that)

  • A crystal-clear leading edge indicator that the Federal Reserve’s $600B bond buying program as a hedge against a deflationary price spiral has failed

    Remember… you read it on midtown lunch first

    • The unpinning of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency is coming too. ML will have to raise it’s limit to 15 buck lunches and the lines will be longer at $1 pizza places.

    • i have a feeling when our YE numbers come out, i’ll be spending a lot of time in line for 75 cent pizza. :-\

  • They seem desperate. Hope they can keep up the 75c pricing so all the customers win. Too bad it’s not closer to my office.

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    Forget the 75 cent pizza. Lets talk about the 99 cent burger and 99 cent fries. Anyone ever buy a burger or fries from this Ray’s? If its decent, that’s the steal of the century.

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    this is going down outside of my window at work. i’ve been hearing screams about 75 cent pizza for the last 3 days. bottom line the 99 cent pizza is better than rays

  • does the beef patty come with bread, or is that an extra 5.99?

  • Went to check it out. Here’s what I got. They didnt have any burgers at the moment. I was most impressed with the pasta. Not sure if you can tell from the pic, but the pasta was a very good portion for .99.It could be a lunch on its own for some people. Also loved the steak fries, I was scared they were gonna be some flimmsy thin cut fries. The best quality stuff? Not really. Did it taste good? Yes! Does my stomach hurt now, yes! Haha it was worth it!

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    Hello Everyone I would like to Thank you all that have commented good and bad. Ray’s has been around for 46 Years. All our food is prepared fresh and with top quality ingredients.
    Please keep writting comments we will be checking daily all comments are welcomed.
    Thank you for eating at FAMOUS ORIGINAL RAY’S PIZZA we appreciate your business.

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      Hello, what do you mean by “top quality ingredients?” Does this mean no preservatives are used, dough is prepared in-house daily, meats are pasture-raised and nitrite-free, and produce is organic?

  • Well I guess what I wrote did not made it on.
    Well like I said before there is no better pizza than
    ray’s there taste is better than the one across the
    street. I have tried other pizza places in the city
    and I have not came across any other place like

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    Went to Ray’s this past Friday. Two slices for like $1.63 – can’t be beat. And they even take credit cards for such a small amount (I hate carrying change).

    And it tastes great!

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