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What Do You Get at Ray’s For Your 99 Cents?

Earlier this week we reported that Ray’s Pizza (on Broadway btw. 54+55th) was not only selling pizza for 75 cents, but also had introduced a 99 cent menu featuring burgers, pasta, garlic bites and more.  Lunch’er Jesse, who tipped us off to the deal in the first place, was there the day we posted and had this to say:

Ray’s seemed quite busy around lunchtime today. It was a bit dead in the upstairs seating area when we first arrived, but the downstairs was getting crowded by the time we were ready to leave. As far as the menu goes, I tried to order a 99 cent burger, but was told it wasn’t available at the time. Two slices wound up costing $1.63. The bad news is that they have no flavor of any kind at all. It is simply like biting into a luke warm texture, sort of a mix between cardboard and a tepid sponge. With generous applications of hot pepper, parmesan and garlic powder, we were able to fashion it into something that might be mistaken for pizza.

We know what crappy pizza looks like… but what about the 99 cent menu!  Thanks to Luncher Wellerfan for taking the bullet on that front…

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Pizza Price Wars Heat Up As Ray’s Intros 75 Cent Slice

Remember the 99 Fresh Pizza location that opened a few months ago on Broadway?  Well, it looks like they’re already wreaking havoc on the area slice shops.  From Lunch’er Jesse:

Ray’s between 54th and 55th street on Broadway must be feeling the heat from the recently opened 99 cent pizza shop across the street. They’ve unveiled 75 cent slices and a 99 cent menu. It’s for a limited time only (naturally).

Check out the full “temporary” 99 cent menu after the jump…

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