Roll and Go Looking to Compete With 2 Bros?

When Roll and Go (38th and 8th) opened a few months ago, it seemed like the kind of place I usually avoid. I’m of the opinion that if you’re serving shawarma and pizza alongside made-to-order sushi rolls, chances are none of it is all that good. Jack of a few trades, master of none. And if adding $1 pizza to your menu months after you open is an indication that business isn’t going so great, than clearly I’m not the only one who isn’t interested in $5.45 tuna rolls. In a move clearly meant to poach business from compete with the 2 Bros. across the street, Roll and Go has by started selling $1 slices of pizza. Can they make a dent in the $1 pizza empire’s business? Only time will tell (we doubt it).

Pizza Price Wars Heat Up As Ray’s Intros 75 Cent Slice


  • I eat here about once a week. I love their chicken shawarma wraps. Never tried their sushi or pizza, though, as I never seem to make it past the shawarma ordering section :)

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    Say what you want about Roll and Go, but their $1 slice is way better than 2 Bros. It’s fully cooked, unlike the doughy mess you get at 2 bros. I was also pleased to find pieces of fresh basil in the sauce.

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