Wasabi To Bring Grab ‘N Go Sushi Coming To Times Square

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Looking for sushi options on your walk up 7th Ave into the tourist-occupied territory known as Times Square? Soon, your search will get easier! The Wall Street Journal’s global real estate pages report that British sushi chain Wasabi is taking over the old Burger King spot near Times Square on 40th and 7th (registration or some Google wizardry required to read the whole piece).

Wasabi has no US web presence yet, nor any US presence offline either. As you see above there’s no promo work, no construction permits, nothin’ at all. If there’s a new food sensation in Wasabi’s exposing pre-made, individually-wrapped sushi selections, it sure as hell doesn’t come with much info other than its real estate news. A press release given to Midtown Lunch boasts Wasabi’s “sushi, sashimi, seasonal salads, and hot authentic dishes such as bento boxes, Chicken Katsu curry, and Teriyaki Chicken.” Whether this is Cafe Zaiya quality served in a Food Gallery 32 “vibrant, clean, minimalist setting,” or economy-of-scale racing to the bottom where sushi-grade fish is concerned remains to be seen.

Regardless, their website has a modest menu available by UK postcode if you want a potential sneak preview, although listings and prices seem to vary. Having been to similar places in Australia, where you can just buy an unsliced maki roll for cheap and eat as you go, I can say it’s not a bad thing to have if all you feel like having is something basic and no-frills. So long as they can sustain supply and freshness it might be worth a shot, but if you’re the Trevor Corson follower who rages vitriol and anger at the existence of sushi rolls not being immediately consumed in front of the sushi chef showing some appreciation, your mind is made up long since your last visit to Aozora or Sushi Yasuda. The location is prime for tourists coming from Port Authority, and it’s catty-corner from Maoz, so hopefully this affords some decent options for those who do their lunching just shy of southwest Times Square.

Wasabi’s targeted opening date is spring 2013, so we’ve got some time left before the price ceiling drops on the sushi market.

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