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A Little Rain Can’t Keep the 10th Annual Vendy Awards Down

Vendy Awards

The annual Vendy Awards commenced this past weekend with typical fanfare – the live bands played with gusto, the crowd happily munched on food and sipped beer & wine, a mob of volunteers ushered in order and cleanliness, and an eclectic gathering of vendors busted their ass and served some seriously amazing food. This could have been any Vendy award, other than the fact that this festival marked its 10 year anniversary, and that for the first time in this writer’s memory, Mother Nature paid a visit.
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Video Break: Sharing Manly Food with Dad at Hallo Berlin

Father’s Day is this weekend, and so, I decided to bond with my old man by taking him to the most mascualine restaurant I could think of – Hallo Berlin. With sausages everywhere and lots of beer, Dad and I attempt to strengthen our father-son relationship. There are just some things he does that get under my skin. With Clay to help document the food, we found some pretty stellar German fare. Check out the video after the jump…

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Hallo Berlin Cart is Now on the South Side of the Street

It was a joyous day for Midtown Lunchers a few months back when we learned the Hallo Berlin cart had returned to the NW corner of 54th Street and 5th Ave. I stopped by on their second day back and didn’t have time to wait in the line, but the crowd looked healthy, and I vowed to return. But last week, when I wandered over to 54th Street craving some German specialties I saw nothing but construction on the north side of the street. Where was the cart? Before I broke down and started crying gave up all hope, I happened to check the south side and, sure enough, Wolfgang was manning the cart right in front of the back entrance to the MoMA.

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At Lunch Now: Do You Think People Missed Hallo Berlin?

1:45pm at the Hallo Berlin Cart, which returned to 54th & 5th yesterday

We’d say that’s a resounding “yes”.

BREAKING: Hallo Berlin Cart Returns to 54th Street

It’s about time we’ve gotten some good news on the street food front!  A few months after Rolf Babiel died, the famous Hallo Berlin sausage cart disappeared from its spot on 54th and 5th Ave.  His brother Wolfgang tried to keep the cart up and running, but apparently there were some issues to work out with the legal owner of the cart and the permits, which we heard had expired.  Well… it only took a year and a half but it looks like everything has been resolved!  Lunch’er Alvy just sent along this photo from 54th, just West of 5th Ave. confirming that the cart is not only back, but Wolfgang is at the helm.  Walking to 9th Ave. for Hallo Berlin Express might have been a decent substitute, but nothing could ever truly replace a dictator’s special fried up on the original cart.  Welcome back!

Hallo Berlin Cart to Return in 2011!?! (In the Meantime, Hallo Berlin Express’s $10 Lunch Menu is Great)

Hallo Berlin lunch specials

The denizens of Midtown have been eagerly awaiting an update on the return of the Hallo Berlin cart, which closed last October after the sad passing of co-owner, Rolf Babiel. I recently stopped by the express location to inquire about the cart, and ending up sticking around for lunch when I noticed that they are now offering $10 combo lunch specials. But first, some news on the cart – the manager on location was unable to commit to a firm date on the cart’s return, but mentioned that it should be launching sometime next spring. She also mentioned that the cart will be located in its original spot on 54th and 5th Ave. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on news of the cart’s comeback as we get more details.

In the meantime, check out Hallo Berlin Express’ lunch specials after the jump.

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Another Hallo Berlin Cart Fake Out at BKLYN Yard’s Truck Event

Hallo Berlin Express at BKLYN Yard Parked

There’ve been one too many fake-outs with the Hallo Berlin cart lately, which has been M.I.A for months now.  You might have noticed the most recent one last week, which had the cart listed as a participant in BKLYN Yard’s “Parked” event in Gowanus yesterday.  Sadly there was no cart… just Hallo Berlin Express set up at a table. We tried to get in to grill them about the whereabouts of the cart , but they were completely swamped with people all day long. Guess we’re not the only ones trying to get our bratwurst fix…

Is the Hallo Berlin Cart Returning This Fall?

Jets Tight End Eats Terrible Midtown Hot Dog

This Hot Dog Crawl by Jets Tight End Dustin Keller caught our eye recently. It started with a terrible snap-less wiener at a “hot dog stand on the corner of 39th and 8th called Sabrett” before moving on to Nathan’s and then Hallo Berlin (?) which is strange since they’ve been M.I.A. for months.  Excited by the report we rushed over to 54th and 5th today, but no Hallo Berlin.  Maybe this food tour was done last year?   Who knows… but we’re still holding out hope that the famous sausage cart is not gone forever.

Is the Hallo Berlin Cart Returning This Fall?

Is the Hallo Berlin Cart Returning This Fall?

After Rolf Babiel passed away back in October, the Hallo Berlin cart returned to 54th and 5th briefly before disappearing again.  So last month, on my way to try East Japanese’s $5 box lunch, I stopped into Hallo Berlin Express (on 9th Ave. btw. 50+51st) to ask about the missing cart. Sadly, the staff said the cart was no more and they were pretty vague about whether they’ll ever bring it back. We were pretty much ready to say goodbye forever, until we spotted this on the Hallo Berlin website! “Juicy Food Stand, Re-Opening Fall 2010.” Still nobody at the restaurant seems to know what the deal is, and we can’t seem to get in touch with the owner. But just seeing this posted on their website gives us hope…

Cart Watch: Hallo Berlin Has Been Missing for Months

It appears as if the Hallo Berlin Cart (on 54th and 5th) has gone and disappeared.  Lunch’er “Rootbeer” commented the other day that it hasn’t been seen in months, and the same discussion popped up on Yelp as well. Hallo Berlin co-founder Rolf Babiel passed away this past October, but the cart returned shortly thereafter with his brother at the helm. And this isn’t their usual July vacation time either. If anyone has any insight, leave it in the comments. For now I guess we’ll have to settle for Hallo Berlin Express (on 9th Ave. btw. 50+51st)