At Lunch Now: Do You Think People Missed Hallo Berlin?

1:45pm at the Hallo Berlin Cart, which returned to 54th & 5th yesterday

We’d say that’s a resounding “yes”.


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    The cart’s return was literally a topic of conversation during our staff meeting yesterday. We missed them terribly!

    (BTW I work for a German company)

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    I love the food from the cart, but it is entirely too slow. Not enough hustle. I can walk from 5th ave. all the way to Hallo Berlin Express on 9th quicker than he can serve 5 people.

    There were only 6 people ahead of me when I got on line. I stood there for almost 20 minutes. Only 2 people got their food. I left. I really had a craving for it too, but he just takes waaaaaay to long to serve people.

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