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A Little Rain Can’t Keep the 10th Annual Vendy Awards Down

Vendy Awards

The annual Vendy Awards commenced this past weekend with typical fanfare – the live bands played with gusto, the crowd happily munched on food and sipped beer & wine, a mob of volunteers ushered in order and cleanliness, and an eclectic gathering of vendors busted their ass and served some seriously amazing food. This could have been any Vendy award, other than the fact that this festival marked its 10 year anniversary, and that for the first time in this writer’s memory, Mother Nature paid a visit.
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Dosa Cart Gives Biriyani Cart a Run For Its Money

As promised Lunch’er Devina (who was nice enough to send us a report about the Desi Truck a few weeks ago) returned to the Dosa Cart that danny reviewed on 39th & 6th last week and filed this report…

Some of you may know that a dosa is a vegetarian delicacy from South India – a pancake made out of rice and lentils, served usually with a sambhar (spicy lentil soup) and coconut chutney. The new Dosa Cart is run by a lovely Punjabi man from North India and my new BFF named Shahid (don’t ask me why a North Indian is serving up South Indian food – he may as well be serving tacos or something equally foreign to his palate). However, the quality of the dosa he made had even an Indian desi like myself fooled as to his possible home town in the Mother land.

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We Finally Catch Up With the Dosa Cart


For the vegetarians, the street food scene may sometime feel a bit boring, since it’s mostly all about street meat. And to meat eaters, vegetarian food can seem kind of boring. But every body loves a good dosa! So when we first heard about the newish Dosa Cart spotted in Midtown last month, it was a big deal. For people unfamiliar with dosas, they’re a South Indian specialty. It’s basically an Indian crepe, made from rice and lentils, that can be filled with many different fillings. We first heard about this cart parking on 39th and 7th, but it appears as if they’ve settled in at a spot on 39th and 6th- and for just $5, how could I not check it out?

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Disappearing Dosa Cart Has Been Spotted

Apparently the Dosa Cart that was spotted on 39th and 7th a few weeks back and then promptly disappeared has moved one avenue East (or maybe it was always on 6th, who knows?) Bionic Bites twittered this photo yesterday, which we are pretty sure is from the NE Corner of 39th and 6th. Any dosa fans out there? Early adopters, let us know how this new cart is in the comments…