Hallo Berlin Cart is Now on the South Side of the Street

It was a joyous day for Midtown Lunchers a few months back when we learned the Hallo Berlin cart had returned to the NW corner of 54th Street and 5th Ave. I stopped by on their second day back and didn’t have time to wait in the line, but the crowd looked healthy, and I vowed to return. But last week, when I wandered over to 54th Street craving some German specialties I saw nothing but construction on the north side of the street. Where was the cart? Before I broke down and started crying gave up all hope, I happened to check the south side and, sure enough, Wolfgang was manning the cart right in front of the back entrance to the MoMA.

It was about 1:15 and I was shocked to discover nobody in line and even Wolfgang seemed surprised when I approached the cart to order food. He told me he has been on this side of the street for about two weeks now, but I couldn’t help but wonder if people don’t realize he has moved across the street.

Either way, I was pleased to get my food in a matter of minutes. The Obama Democracy Special was a little too pricey at $11 (democracy always comes at a price, doesn’t it?), so I settled on the Dictator Special still represented by Stalin, which was a more ML friendly $8. And for $1 extra, I got a small cup of Split Pea soup.

The soup was fine, but could have used more salt. That being said, for $1 it was more filling, tastier, and cheaper than anything I’ve had from those Hot Soup carts which will be re-appearing before we know it.

But, of course, it’s the sausages that have made this cart famous and Wolfgang keeps the tradition alive. Underneath a delicious pile of sauteed onions, German potatoes, and two types of cabbage, I uncovered the most delectable slices of wurst. The Dictator comes with the Volkswagen (wienerwurst) and the Mercedes (bratwurst), and they both had a perfect snap and were full of sweet, spicy flavors thanks in part to the delectable curry mustard sauce throughout. The sweet, tangy red cabbage, crisp potatoes, and mild, but firm onions added to the perfect flavor and texture combo.

So while the faces (RIP Rolf), world leaders, and street corners may change, I’m pleased to announce the food is just as good as I remembered. And the line seems to have let up – for now.


  • Shouldnt the title read “..is now on the SOUTH side”?

  • At some point the dictator “special” was a ripoff, as it was the same thing as the double soul food mix, which was a dollar cheaper. Maybe that’s the price of totalitarian government? I think it’s now the same price though.

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    There was a pretzel cart that set up shop on in Hallo Berlin’s usual spot during the hiatus, plus the sidewalks outside the University Club on that corner are being redone, so it makes sense that Wolfgang would have moved across the street.

    As I remember it, the Dictator Special used to differ from the Double Soul Food combo in that the former always included a soup and the latter didn’t. But that may be wrong or may have changed.

  • I was there like 3 weeks ago. The food is as excellent as always. Make sure you try the pickle. :)

  • For anyone keeping track, he’s back on the north side today.

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